Lucked Out

 I am very excited to announce that I absolutely lucked out completely the other day when I went to the Stars practice . I happened to run in to Mr. Ralph Strangis (if you did not read my blog ‘Titled Another Great Practice In Frisco’ , it was Media Day for The Dallas Stars Foundation) . He was kind enough to answer a few questions for me although I do not suggest you mob him with questions if you do see him out at a practice . He informed me that he never does anything like this , so I feel very priviledged that he would answer these questions for me . He is a very busy individual and I appreciate the time he took to answer these questions . 

 Being that I am not a “hard hitting investigative reporter” , you have to deal with the silly questions that I asked , just as Mr. Strangis had to suffer my ineptness at posing the questions to him .

 I hope that you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed being able to do this – really , I am exceptionally excited to be able to do this (do you see the unwritten exclamation points ?) . I have left comments after his answers in parenthesis to convey my thoughts and sometimes clarify the question better than I did in the limited time Mr. Strangis had to answer them . Please forgive the misspellings in the questions as Mr. Strangis did . I was so excited to have this opportunity that I seriously misspelled far too many simple things .

 1. How long have you been a commentator for Our Stars ?
 Mr. Strangis : “This is my 19th season with the organization .”

2. When you moved from Minnesota to Dallas , was the transition a difficult one for you ?
 Mr. Strangis: “Not really – I was young – this is where the job was – and I really fell in love with the Metroplex almost immediately .”

 (I , for one am glad he did , too . I still cannot imagine a Stars’ game without him .)

3. Who was the biggest influence on you for you to work to hold your current position and how did he/she influence you ?
 Mr. Strangis : ” There are far too many people who have influenced me to single any one out – but if I had to – Chuck Barris – I’m a huge fan of his work .”

 (Looking back on how poorly this was grammatically written , I am shocked that he still answered this sorry excuse for a question .)

4. Have you ever wanted to be in a different line of work and not have anything to do with hockey at all ?
 Mr. Strangis : Yes – I’m interested in lots of things and have dabbled in other fields over the years .”

 (For those of you who did not know , Mr. Strangis is an excellent on-stage actor .)

5. Excluding Daryl Reaugh , what color announcer is your favorite to work along side and why ?
 Mr. Strangis : “I feel incomplete without him .”

 (I cannot stand it when they are separated either – It just does not seem right .)

6. Are you and Daryl Reaugh friends away from work ?
 Mr. Strangis : “Yes .”

7. Have you ever worked along side of a color announcer who actually called colors ?
 Mr. Strangis : ” I don’t understand the question .”

 (This was my fault . I thought it would be funny if a color announcer actually announced colors like yellow , blue green and so on . I should apologize for this question .)

 8.When you are working , you are almost never negative , you never seem to lose your head or “freak out” and yell like many other announcers (which I find nearly intolerable) . How do you manage to be so calm ?
 Mr. Strangis : “I’m getting older – and life is short .”

 9. Besides Dave Tippett, what coach do you enjoy dealing with the most ?
 Mr. Strangis : “Ron Wilson – absolute comedy every time .”

10. What NHL player do you enjoy watching play the most and why ?
 Mr. Strangis : ” Too many to name – but Mike Modano and Sergei Zubov have a special place in my heart .”

11. Do you have a per-game tradition like some NHL players do ?
 Mr. Strangis : “I’m very routine oriented . I would say that there are probably a dozen things I do the same every game day – including the exact time I get in the shower and leave .”

 (I am very grateful to know that I am not the only person who has consistent behavior patterns . Game day routines , for me , were originally based on superstitions for Our Stars but have evolved into every day things that are constantly repeated – and yes that does include the time I get in the shower and leave .)

 12. What is your usual breakfast ? Are you a Lucky Charms man or do you prefer the traditional scrambled eggs and bacon with toast ?
 Mr. Strangis : “Cereal, fruit , toast , hardboiled egg .”

(Funny , I never have anywhere near as healthy of a breakfast . Mr. Strangis definitely has more intelligence with his choice of breakfast foods than I do . All too often , I have been known to just drink a Dr. Pepper and call it good .)

 I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did . Thank you for taking the time to read this . I know your time is just as important as Mr. Strangis’ time is .


~ by Adam on February 13, 2009.

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  1. Dude! WOW! Just Wow.

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