Bryzgalov Shuts Our Stars Out At Home

 That kind of stinks when you consider that it is OUR building and we should have keys to everything . Apparently that does not seem to be the case with the opposition’s goalie . That is a shame especially since Our Stars have struggled with Bryzgalov all season  . We needed this win .

Our Stars started the game attacking straight away off the opening face off . I was encouraged by the early attack , but it turns out that the saves performed by Bryzgalov were the most influential things in the beginning of the game . “Save Bryzgalov” was the most repeated thing that I heard during the game followed closely by “Save , Turco” . I am a fan of low scoring games , unless my team loses in it . I never like it when my team loses .

 Ralph and Razor put it best when they said that Our Stars looked like they did not have that same edge  to their game as they did in previous games . I have to agree . They did look as though they wanted to win , but they just did not look like the team they have been (since the All-Star break) recently . Our Stars seemed to stumble in the first period . They did amp things up for the second period but sadly , that was the period that the only goal of the game was scored against Marty .

 Marty (and the rest of Our team) deserved a better fate than they received . Our Stars played hard and they did look good , but a little rough around the edges . I guess that Our Stars did not realize that they were going to be playing a team who lost six straight games and half of the team was sat aside and chewed out behind closed doors by their team captain . When the opponents are desperate , you have to be desperate , too . We really needed this win . At this time of year , we always , really need the win . I think that Our Stars did not expect as much trouble from Bryzgalov as they received .

The goal tenders were the top story in this game , obviously . If Turco and Bryzgalov had not been on their game , the final score could have been wildly high . Both goalies made saves that not only fooled me , but also fooled the poor man who turns the goal indicator light on at the AAC . Both teams could have easily put up four or more goals against the other .

 There were many breakdowns by both sides that allowed for breakaways against both goalies , but they had answers for the shooters every time except for once . Several times , a late player would arrive on the ice behind their opponents and truly test the opposition’s goaltender . There were also an equal number of errors in coverage and turnovers (for both teams) that allowed for the goaltenders to be severely tested . To sound like a broken record , the goaltenders came up big every time .

 I am not terribly upset by this loss , but we definitely need to bounce back from this . A win against the Canucks is now an almost requirement and it will not be an easy game . I have faith , though .
MY STARS of the game ;

 1. Marty Turco – He so earned this award . If you saw the game , you know that he made saves that probably should not have been humanly possible for him to make . It was only a shame that he did not win this game .
 2. Brad Richards – His eight shots on goal were only half the story . He also made great plays on what would have been primary assists if they had managed to beat Bryzgalov . He saw the ice exceptionally well and he lead good attacks throughout the game .
 3. Mike Modano – While he was not “on the trott” like he has been before , he was certainly one of our best players in this game . He had more than the odd chance on Bryzgalov , and helped to mount other attacks against him . 
 Honorable Mentions ;
 James Neal , Loui Eriksson and Mike Ribeiro all deserve recognotion for their respective parts in the game . I would just have liked for Ribs to cause a little more problems for the Coyotes like he usually does .


~ by Adam on February 12, 2009.

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