Another Great Practice In Frisco

 The best thing about going out to a Dallas Stars practice is that you meet so many great people . Being able to enjoy hockey and meeting great hockey fans , is so much fun . I had an hour (and then some for traffic) drive home from , but I did it while smiling like an idiot . Yes , it was that much fun .

 When I first arrived at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center , I was really only interested in the players signing a few trading cards for my ten year-old daughter and a puck for a co-worker . My priorities changed when I saw that The Dallas Stars Foundation had set up a High School Media day .

  I honestly do not know the entirety of what was going on but you can find out more from when they post their article about it (I tried to link up The Dallas Stars Foundation to my bloggroll , but something does not seem to want to allow the link to be added). They had many volunteers working very hard to get the event set up for their guests (please remember that I do not use names unless I specifically ask them for their permission to do so) . I was impressed with Gregg Wilkinson and The No Frills Grill restaurant that he represents . He informed me that they have been working with The Dallas Stars Foundation for six years by supplying dinners for various events . In this specific event , they provided over one hundred and twenty meals for the attending students and faculty , all at no cost to The Dallas Stars Foundation .  In difficult economic times , this is no mean feat for any business to undertake . To find locations near you , please go to you tell them that Adam (that’s me) sent you they will probably screw up their collective faces and say , “who ?” , so don’t trouble yourself with tossing my name around but do go and support a business that supports a great charity .

 I was able to meet several of the students who attended (when I was approached) and enjoyed talking with them about hockey and how the practices usually go . Most of them I spoke with were shocked that the practices were open to the public like they are . They all seemed to have a great time while they were there , although I do not think that the private school girls in their (too short for MY daughters) skirts were very warm – but if that is their uniform , I guess they cannot really do anything about it .

 When Stephane Robidas came in before practice , I shook his hand and congratulated him on his trip to the All-Star game . I told him that all of us Stars fans were very proud of him – and yes , he did take his whole family with him when he went .
 I saw Cap’n Morrow come out of the locker room after practice and I felt the need to tell him that his presence at all the games he can make it to means a lot , not only to his teammates , but to the fans as well . I told him that it shows true leadership and that I was proud to call him OUR Captain. He stopped and thanked me for what I told him . I was actually kind of shocked that he did take the time to say thank you and really mean it . I am now more proud than ever that he is OUR Captain .

 I was also lucky enough to meet and speak with Stu Barnes’ father . He was very insightful to what I would have never thought about . Being a parent means being a parent no matter who your children grow up to be . That may be a simple thought and at times difficult to grasp , but it is plain and simple truth . Thank you again Mr. Barnes for taking the time to talk to me .

 The practice itself was fabulous . Our team looked solid and practiced hard . Every drill they ran through was fast-paced . They looked sharp and crisp . It was a complete turn-around from some of the other practices that I had seen earlier in the season . They looked like a winning team . The only time any of them looked tired was after the first hour was over and Tippett had a few of the younger guys skating from blue line to blue line . Then , they deserved to look tired , but they still pressed on . They ran through many puck handling drills and both offensive and defensive drills . none of the drills were run at half-speed . They did even rattle the boards and make the high school children jump away from the boards as though the players were going to come right through .

 Before and after the practice , I had intended to offer James Neal my hat for his hat trick game since none were thrown for him in Toronto . But , being me , I panicked like an idiot when he came over and totally forgot to even say anything about it . Yes , I guess I did get star struck , but it is probably because I had not met him before today . Maybe next time I will not act so much like a deer in headlights  .

 I was just about ready to leave practice , after getting the few signatures I had needed , when I noticed a very pregnant blond woman standing off by herself looking tired and a little lost . I went over to (I guess for lack of a better word “lookout” for) her and asked if she was alright . She told me she was fine and I apologized for my rudeness and asked how far along she was (she looked very pregnant). She happily replied that she only had one more month to go and that she was hoping that “this one” would come a little early like her first . We talked a little back and forth about my wife’s pregnancy (when she was pregnant) and hers . The topic of husbands who do or do not rub tired feet was perhaps the most comical part of the conversation . I had no real idea of who this nice pregnant lady was until Marty Turco came out of the locker room and turned to her shocked and asked , “Do you want me to go get him?” Instantly , I was embarrassed and apologized for interrupting her (despite the fact that I obviously had not interrupted anything when I first started talking with her) . I apologetically inquired as to who her husband was . She politely informed me that her husband was Krys Barch . He came out of the locker room a short time later and I promptly (and politely) departed satisfied that she was certainly safe in his very capable hands . I did relate this story to my wife and upon discovering that Krys Barch has been known to rub his wife’s tired feet , I was scolded severely for not doing so with our first child ten years ago (geez , you would think she would have let that go by now , wouldn’t you?). 

  I hope you have enjoyed my trip to a Stars practice as much as I did but I have to go now . My wife said something about needing her feet rubbed . Thanks a lot Mr. Barch .


~ by Adam on February 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “Another Great Practice In Frisco”

  1. Ah, man! I am so jealous. I haven’t been able to get over to practice in ages. That is so cool that you got to meet Stu’s dad and Barchie’s wife. I’m not the least bit surprised that Barchie rubs his pregnant wife’s feet. (YOU owe your wife, BIG TIME! HA!)

    Great post!

  2. I know I owe my wife . She will probably never let me forget it either . She has already made comments to me about you saying I owe her . I will probably never live this down .
    Thanks again Krys Barch . If I thought I was close to half as tough as he is , I might pick a fight to make up for all the grief I am getting for this but I am pretty sure I would be the one who needed several root canals performed on him after the fight ended .

  3. I think you would need full dentures is you picked a fight with Barch! No offense. Also, if you picked a fight with Barch for that, you’d deserve whatever you got! You’re getting no sympathy here. Ha!

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