When Trashville Came To Town…….

 In case a few of you out there did not know , I hate the Trashville Predators and I am very glad they lost . It was certainly not the complete and total destruction of the team like it was when the Rangers came to visit us but , a win is a win whether it  is by eight goals or one goal . I was also happy that Jordin Tootoo could not make the trip to Dallas because he has apparently injured his hand (I wonder if it was injured during his “alone time”). 

 During the pre-game show Craig Ludwig and John Radigan were talking about Avery and discussing that he had been placed on waivers and could be claimed by anyone before he was sent to “the minors” . They asked Coach Tippett why Avery did not fit here . Tippett took the high road and said “I don’t know” and that sometimes players just do not fit with certain teams . I think Tippett knows exactly why he did not fit but he was just too smart (and nice) of a guy to throw Avery “under the bus” . I honestly believe that Avery wants to be the center of attention no matter where he is or who the team is being forced to suffer him . Avery does not seem to care if it is good publicity or just plain bad press , he seems to need it like a drug . It think it probably stems from a lack of attention paid to him when he was young . That and a mental disorder of some kind but I could not tell you what kind ….

 This game was certainly an interesting one . The first period belonged to Our Stars 100% . They dictated gameplay to the Preds throughout the entire first period . The second period was almost exactly the opposite . Trashville dictated the period to Our Stars like they had done to them in the first . Both teams swapped places from making mistakes to domination . The only difference was that Trashville never scored two goals .

 The third period was more like an even game than the first two periods . It started out with Our Stars on a four minute powerplay for the highstick committed by Sullivan (who was spitting blood at the beginning of the game courtesy of Modano’s stick) on Jere Lehtinen . Then , the Preds problems were compounded when Ellis tossed the puck right over the glass . Richards capitalized on that five on three powerplay to make the score three to one . The Preds played hard , but were unable to beat Marty again . When Ellis skate off at the 1:48 mark , Ott took advantage of it and scored with Niskanen’s and Lehtinen’s help sealing off any hope of a come back win for the Preds .

 Razor’s broken record slogan of “special teams and goal tending” was certainly the correct recipe for this win . When Sutherby scored the short handed goal in the first period , it showed that Our Stars came to play hard . Our powerplay went one for four and that was huge . Our penalty kill was solid throughout the game despite a few scary chances for the Preds . Marty played a huge part in this game , not just for goal tending , but also for the puck movement that helped to kill off a lot of the forechecking pressure that the Preds hoped to get going .

 Our Stars have changed from what they looked like at the beginning of the season . Then , they looked sloppy and lethargic , but now , they are getting back to the same type of game play that they know how to do and have done for years . I am very happy that Our Stars are getting back to what they do the best . We have a chance to skate The Cup with continued play like this and I am very hopeful .

 MY STARS of the game ;
1. Marty Turco – He gets the top spot for his puck movement and causing all kinds of problems for the Preds . His stopping of twenty-five shots was also very important , bu the puck movement was what hurt the Preds the most .
 2. Jere Lehtinen and Brian Sutherby – Lehtinen played great . He always works hard and he played very physically (with and without his stick) . His two assists helped to put him here as well . Sutherby played great from the beginning . He seems to finally be fitting in . He set the tone for the game when he scored the early short handed marker  . He also continued to work hard and play very physically .
 3. Brad Richards – He is continuing to do very well and play up to his potential . He seems more comfortable on the ice and he is making better choices on when to pass and when to shoot . That decision making ability netted him a goal and an assist this game . 
4. Stephane Robidas also gets the honorary fourth star for being quietly solid . He always is .

Oh , and if anybody is going to go out to the Stars’ practice on Tuesday , let me know . I am pretty sure I am going .


~ by Adam on February 9, 2009.

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