Stars Rout Rangers

 Before the game (on our local station) they updated us with news that not only was Sean Avery almost finished with his “anger management” classes (and could petition the NHL to return to the ice) , but that there was also a possibility of the Rangers being interested in taking him off our hands . I must admit that I was not pleased that Avery was almost at a point where he might return to our locker room , but I was overjoyed at the thought of getting rid of his punk ass to anybody . I just really hope that we do not have to pay them too terribly much to take him away .

 It was also announced that Brent Krahn was brought up from ‘the minors’ so Stephan could get a few games under his belt so Marty could take a game off soon . I secretly hoped that Marty would not “spring a leak” and force Tippett to toss Krahn in for his first NHL game . Thankfully , that was not required . Not by a long shot .

 The game started out pretty normally . Both teams were playing well and it was an enjoyable game to watch . The first two early goals were very odd in that one was a wrap-around that (just like last game) went in off Marty’s skate and backwards in . The second goal scored was off Gomez’s (I think) stick when Sutherby knocked it back into the net without warning , stunning Valiquette . Other than those two early goals , the others were definitely earned . A four to two score was a solid score for Our Stars to take to the second intermission .

 When Our Stars came out to start the third period , they obviously meant business . They scored six unanswered goals in the third period . Only two of those six were powerplay goals despite the frustration penalties that the Rangers were taking . The powerplay numbers were skewed due to the odd way that things went but one of those goals was a result of a five on three powerplay .

 The final score was not truly reflective of how the Rangers played the whole game . They did play solid in the first two periods , but they were absolutely run over in the third period . The Rangers’ gameplay just fell apart both offensively and defensively . Some of our goals were scored off of what Razor would have called “vacuous playing” . Even looking at the recording I have of the game , I still do not know how Sydor’s shot from the blue line beat Valiquette . It really looked as though it went literally through him . Even Sydor was surprised it went in .

 Our Stars did learn from the mistakes of the game against the Avs . They capitalized on many mistakes that the Rangers made and the scoreboard showed it . It seemed like every turnover the Rangers made was turned into points for our team on the scoreboard . This was not the case in the last game with the Avs . I guess I was right , it was a learning loss .

 They also learned that they had to take advantage of the powerplay . While they did not cash in on all eleven penalties assessed against Rangers , they did capitalize on four of them . 

 Our penalty kill did relatively well . They managed to kill off five of six penalties . Not great numbers considering the weirdness of the third period penalties , but not bad either . As long as you can kill off more penalties than they can score on , it is still good news .

 Our Stars had not scored ten goals in a game since before they were Dallas Stars . In 1992 , one year before the move to Dallas , they had scored ten against the San Jose Sharks (who were at one time a part of the Minnesota North Stars before the , then , owners wanted to take their share and leave for the west coast) . This win was a good way to build back any confidence Our Stars had lost in the game in Colorado . Ten goals may have been overkill , but better to score ten that be bitten in the ass by a team who makes up the three goals you were ahead before you lost in overtime or in a shootout . Give me ten goals for us any day .

 MY STARS of the game ;
1. Mike Ribeiro – The two assists and two goals clinched his spot here . He saw the ice very well and still made plays despite being mobbed , at times , by the opposition . He is a leader offensively and he took on the challenge this game and succeeded at it convincingly .
 2. Steve Ott and Jere Lehtinen – They play vastly different game styles but they both did their respective jobs and that netted them both one goal and two assists . Ottagitated and rushed the net and Lehtinen played his defensive style while still seeing the ice well enough to make good plays .
 3. Matt Niskanen – He gets this award for earning three assists and continuing to play up to a level that Zubov would be proud of . I am certain that Zubov would be happy to see him doing so well (besides , I bet Zubov ran out of curse words (yes , in all seven languages that he knows) to yell at Niskanen from all of his earlier mistakes in the season) .

 Here’s hoping for another five game winning streak !


~ by Adam on February 8, 2009.

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