Streak Ends In Colorado

 Before this game , I was remembering how much of a factor that Marek Svatos played in the last game againstthe Avs . Then I also remembered that he used to be one of my favorite non-Stars players . I was wondering if , in fact , he would , again , be a problem for us this time . While he did score one goal , he did not play such an enormous role in this game . He was simply another player .

 I was also hoping that this game would be a low scoring affair with us winning by a simple 1-0 or a 2-1 score . I am not sure if a total of five goals being scored counts as a low scoring affair , but the end result was not what any Stars fan would want anyway.

 Mike Heika called the game in his column ‘boring’ . I would have to call it a grinding game . There just was not any real amount of puck domination by either team . Both teams mounted attacks , but they were usually not great or were thwarted by defensemen blocking shots . There were a mountain of blocked shots .

 Our powerplay was terrible . It did not manage to produce at all . Sometimes ourpowerplay looked like thier powerplay . That is not what needs to continue . Both defenses were the stars of the game . Our defensive play was not quite as good as theirs and that is why we lost .

 Goalies did factor into things (oddly enough) . Marty was certainly the better of the two , Budaj was only luckier . Marty always looked “on” but a few of the goals really should not have made it past him . Off his skates and behind him , the the total misread he did on Hejduk and then the goal that should have never been scored on Ott’s penalty were not as earned as the scoreboard says . I know it sounds like I am whining but Budaj was having a lot more problems with the puck than Marty was , Budaj was simply luckier , well , that and his defensemen cleaned up his drooling mess all the time .

 I rarely go this route in a blog , but this time I will . The officiating was atrocious . Both teams were never called for the roughing that occurred (and it did) but , holy cow , did they ever call the weakest hooking calls I have ever seen . Stick level and three or more inches from an opponent and it was called . Both the Avs and Our Stars were victims of that stupidity . There were only five hooking calls but four were exceptionally lame (Mo really did hook one time) . The roughing and fun stuff like that should have been called better .

 Our Stars did not take advantage of the miscues and mistakes that the Avs did commit . If they had taken advantage of that , then the outcome might have been different . They never managed to capitalize on turnovers near as often as they should have . I think that Our Stars looked more like they were playing the second game of a back to back set instead of playing the first game .

 This game was not a horrid loss . It was a loss , but it just pointed to a few things to learn from . If it had been a one-sided shellacking , that would have been different . This was simply something that we need to bounce back from . A loss , but not a bad one . Both teams played hard and it was a good game .

 MY STARS of the game ;
  1. Steve Ott He has been very much a Morrow look-alike with his broken hand still healing – not afraid to mouth and check , but not taking needless trips to the seclusion box for fighting . His scoring so many goals recently is proof that he should probably stay out of the box a little more .
 2. Jere Lehtinen – He is now back to his full speed self and I am so happy he is . He has done well recently and has points in the past six games . I do not see him slacking off at all . In fact I can easily see him extending that streak for many more games to come .
 3. Matt Niskanen – He is finally starting to look like he was when he was partnered with Zubov last season . His assists are starting to come a little more frequently and he is playing smarter than he was .

 I know this has been posted very late , but my work schedule has been of the nightmare variety . To give you some idea , I have seen SIX different work schedules (all of them are supposed to be correct and with me on it ) in less than a week and a half and I have not had a full day off for more than two weeks . Thanks for bearing with me .


~ by Adam on February 7, 2009.

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