Fabulous Five

 And , no , I do not mean Modano , Lehtinen , Neal , Ribiero , Turco and Richards . Besides , that is six . Five wins in a row is something to be excited about and I am . 

 Right off the opening face-off , Iginla cross-checked Ott in the back . Talk about love . They were meant for each other . In a cage match . After Ott’s hand heals fully , anyway . 

 The first period showed that , once again , Marty was on his game . He stood up to every shot that he faced except for a third (or was it fourth) attempt to get a rebound past him . Either way , I do not blame Marty for it . Ott was tripped and taken out of the picture leaving too few players to cover Iginla when he scored off the rebound . 

 I thought that Our Stars started out a little slow offensively but were solid defensively . They were doing all the little things correctly and it showed . With the correct positioning and the breaking up of the Flames plays , I knew that our offense would follow suit and fall in line and it did . 

 The secrets to Our Stars win were (just like Razor harps on every game) special teams and goal tending . The powerplay produced twice out of a possible five times and our penalty kill stood up to the Flames’ powerful attacks like it was no big deal . Marty stood up and took everything that they could throw at him and , with good defensive help , he made all the saves that were both humanly and inhumanly possible except for one . He was our best penalty killer many times .

 It was also important that there continues to be no “riders” on the bus . Everybody plays . The fourth line may have gotten very little ice time , but even they gave the Flames hell when they were out there . 

 Jere Lehtinen was quoted on DallasStars.com as saying , “We’ve finally found some consistency .” I think that it is long over due . I am sure that most of the players would agree with that assessment . Consistency has been an issue all season , but it does not seem to be a problem now . I believe that Our Stars trust each other now more than they did . Every player seems to want the win as bad as the next . Even Razor made a comment on how the practices are much more upbeat and faster paced .

 I have never said that the Flames played terrible because they did not . They came out to play but were simply overwhelmed . Their best player was Kiprusoff , but it is hard for a goalie to score . That is what the Flames would have needed to win (but I doubt he could have registered a hat trick) .

 The thing that continues to impress me is the fact that Cap’n Morrow is always waiting for Our Stars in the tunnel . Even if he is not on ice leading the team , he is still there , leading the team . That shows true character and I , for one , am very proud to call him Our Cap’n .

 Before the game , (on FSN here) we have to suffer Rick Renner’s constant stupidity . He took it over the top before this game , though . He said something about “there’s no place like home” and then said it was right out of Cinderella . He really should think before he talks . That line was from The Wizard Of Oz . Even I know that , and I HATE musicals of any kind . I truly hope that Renner falls out of favor at FSN and disappears off of my telecasts of Stars games . He is almost a worse downer than me having to work through a game .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 I disagreed with Heika naming both goalies and Richards as the three stars but he was not too far off base . I just blame his indiscretions on his leisure time clothing choices (Ewww – really , you should see him at practices – he looks like an extremely pale tourist minus the camera) .
 1. Marty Turco – He did deserve the first star for how well he played . He was solid from beginning to end .
 2. James Neal – I love this kid and he will be a shiny spot on our roster as long as we can keep him happy here . Let’s hope that is a long , long time .
 3. Mike Modano and Brad  Richards – Despite the lack of points , Mo is still contributing to our game in so many ways . Richards is seeing the ice very well and hitting players with passes when they are in scoring positions . Scoring goals is something that he has needed to pick back up on and he has started to do so again . (I think his revival, if you will , really stems from the fact that he finally has some confidence in his teammates instead of seeming to think that none of them were good enough to be playing along side him . To me , he never seemed like he bought in to Our Stars’ program 100% but is doing so now . Maybe it was his own confidence level that has been boosted by the faith that the coaches have shown in him to finally put him back on the point on powerplays and other minor changes that show faith – either way , that is just my opinion and probably not a very widely held belief) .

 Until next time I can annoy you (or my stupid job permits) ………


~ by Adam on February 5, 2009.

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