Stealing , Larceny Or Just Outright Theft

 Whatever you call it , there sure was a lot of it from both goaltenders in this game . Reviewed occurrences around the net were pretty commonplace . Both Marty Turco and Chris Osgood played spectacular . If anybody else besides Mike Hieka had chosen the three stars of the game Osgood would have made it into those three just for facing fifty shots and allowing only five by him . Despite allowing early goals , Marty stepped up his play and really made the Wings work for every goal they scored despite egregious turnovers in his lap .

 This game started out well for Our Stars . They looked sharp from the beginning . The hitting was good in the first for Our Stars defensemen and our forwards took the cue and got the forecheck going in the second and third (and overtime). The forecheck is what won them the game . 

 Our powerplay and our penalty kill both had their moments of positives and negatives . I am just pleased that we finally managed to score on the powerplay against a Red Wing team who has the worst penalty killing in the league on the road .

 Our Stars really deserved this win . They did everything that they were supposed to do . After that total embarrassment that the Wings gave us at the Joe , we needed this win , overtime or not . 

 Very important parts of this game were the facts that it looked like Our Stars had a “shoot first” mentality . We should always have that mentality . I was only disappointed that I did not think Richards took shots that I thought that he could have that would have given Osgood trouble . And of course Marty did not shoot enough either . The statistics guys came up with the fact that the Wings had not allowed fifty shots against them since 1981 . It seems wierd for the losing goaltender to have a 90% save ratio but , whatever works , works .

 Not only was the amount of shots a huge part of the game , but the fact that nobody seemed to be afraid to go to the net played an enormous part as well . We screened Osgood and earned at least two goals for those efforts . Net presence is huge . If you do not go to the net and take the crosschecks in the back that never get called , you never get the goals that are .

 This game had more momentum shifts than a ride at your favorite amusement park and I enjoyed every minute of it . The only thing that I did not really like was the interview with Brad Richards . It seemed like all he wanted to do was simply survive the game . He did not seem like he thought we would win . I admit that before the game when I was asked if we would win , I was not sure that we would but I never thought all we were going to do was simply survive it . I said , “I would like to say that we will win the game easily , but given our past performances against the Wings , we will have a difficult time beating them .” I do not like it when we play the Wings because it seems that we work so hard to do things that seem to come so easily to the Wings and it is frustrating to watch my team struggle . And that is why I hate the Wings .

 This is the part of my blog where I normally give out MY STARS of the game . Today , I think that the whole team earned all three stars and they have to share them even if Daley gets to carry them around for the first few minutes . The game winning goal coming from a defenseman was fitting . It was about time our defensemen showed up on the score sheet again for goals and not just assists .

On a personal note , I know I have not been blogging lately and I apologize . I have had job issues (that are still on-going) and family matters that had to be dealt with . I have watched every game , but my time to blog about the games has been severely limited  . Thank you for your patience and faithfulness .


~ by Adam on January 13, 2009.

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