Nabokov Wins Against Stars

 It almost was not anybody else for the Sharks playing except for Nabokov . Some of their players played , but after they scored the first goal , few still seemed interested in paddling the boat and were really just along for the cruise .

 Despite this game being three to one , this game was nowhere near what the score bellied . The only reason that Our Stars lost was that Nabokov was the better goalie . Our Stars played from start to end while the Sharks stopped playing after Cheechoo deflected Boyle’s shot past Marty .

 I am not displeased with this loss . I am not happy about it either but it was not a bad loss . We played hard and deserved to win . The Sharks were lazy and deserved to lose , but Nabokov won it for the team . If either team got their butts chewed off , I truly hope that the Sharks still cannot sit down from the butt-chewing that they deserved .

 Our WHOLE team played hard . From the first line to the fourth line , they all gave 100% . The only player who seemed to panic was Eriksson , but that panic did not last that long . Barch , Wilson and Sutherby gave the Sharks hell every time they came over the boards . Mo , Lehtinen and Neal had the Sharks scrambling more than once as well .

 The only negative thing (other that the loss of two points) about this game was the fact that our powerplay could not do anything at all . When our powerplay does not produce , it does not produce points . This is really a credit to Nabokov more than a discredit to our team . We had many scoring chances that he answered every single time . It was very frustrating to watch . I am certain that Our Stars were even more frustrated than I was .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. All of Our Stars forwards get this award . Everybody did their best to get points on the board . They also did their best to help Marty out in their own zone . Ribs , Richards , Mo , Lehtinen , Neal , Barch , Wilson , Sutherby , Ott , Parrish , Eriksson and Petersen all get gold stars by their names for this game .
 2. Marty Turco – The may have “allowed” two goals , but he did well to keep Thornton , Boyle and Cheechoo from getting a hat trick each . Marty’s stop on the penalty shot gave him just that extra shine for him to earn this award .
 3. Our defensemen – They did well by scoring the only goal . They all did well by tying up a lot of ice and forcing the Sharks to get frustrated and give up like they did .

 The only thing I would have liked to see more of from Our Stars (besides wins) is for everybody to shoot more often and chase the rebound . JUST FREAKIN’ SHOOT !!! Enough with the passing already , just shoot , chase the rebound and fight for it . Ugly goals count just as much as pretty ones . EVERYBODY needs to shoot more . Did you hear that Marty ? I meant you , too !


~ by Adam on December 30, 2008.

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