Ribs And Mo Bag Ducks For Late Christmas Dinner

 I need to start this blog by first saying that I could not stand seeing Pronger again . He and his “Cyrano de Bergerac” nose hurt my eyes . Seriously , I think he poked my left eye in . It is still bleeding . Anybody know how to put a tourniquet on an eye ? Enough about him , on to the game in which he was not a factor in .

 Our Dallas Stars and the Anaheim (once Mighty) Ducks played a great game last night .

 The first period started with hard hitting that continued throughout the game . The Ducks started out looking like the more determined team . Our Stars played decent , but it was not a team effort . Some players looked like they came to play but others did not look as if they had gotten over their holiday time off yet . The Ducks scored first from more determined playing than Our Stars . Our Stars went scoreless on all three of the powerplays that were afforded to them in this period . 

 The second period started with Neal , Modano and Lehtinen looking sharp together . Half of our team still did not look ready to play until half of this period had passed by . When everybody finally got “on board” , Richards and Petersen combined to knot things at one a piece . There was a very fun to watch four on four stint due to off setting penalties from Trevor Daley and Corey Perry . Both goalies made some fine saves . The energy was definitely ramped up in this period and woke up the once lethargic players for the rest of the game . There were many calls in this period that I felt should have been made but were not . It obviously did not make much of a a difference with the lack of powerplay success , but it would have been nice to see calls being made properly .

 The third started with Neal , Lehtinen , Modano , Robidas and Ribs combining for our only powerplay goal of the game placing us in the lead , two to one . A weak interference call put the Ducks on the powerplay and they capitalized to tie the game . The Ducks attacked back and scored again taking the lead again . Despite the fact that Our Stars had no riders on their bus , they could not manage to beat Giguere – at least until four forwards for Our Stars skated and Marty left his net for the extra attacker , anyway . Then Ribs scored to send the game into overtime . This was a great period to watch and I really enjoyed it . Our Stars played hard and our fourth line played this period very well .

 The overtime period showed Eriksson on a breakaway on which he was slashed by two players at once but only one of them was called . Ribs had a huge chance alone in tight on Giguere but could not beat him . The only thing that the powerplay did do was that it allowed enough pressure for Mo to get in and score the game winner immediately after the powerplay ended . It almost looked like there were two seconds left on the powerplay , but later it was confirmed as an even strength goal . 

 This was a great win to add to our ‘portfolio’ . The Ducks maybe higher in the point standings , but we seem to have their number most of the time when we play them .

 On an insane note , if we had three more points we would be in eighth place in the Western Conference knocking out both the Preds and the Avs . It is just too bad things happened the way they did earlier in the season , we could have used those points . It seems odd to me that Our Stars’ playing improved when Avery was publicly denounced by Tippett . Coincidence ? I think not .

 MY STARS of the game (They are not all that different from Heika’s picks but I almost never pick opponents) ; 
  1. Mike Ribeiro and Mike Modano – They both made great decisions on the ice and made plays that really made a difference .
  2. James Neal – I like the way he plays and he has done well especially for a rookie . I think his has solidified his position with Our Stars .
 3. Brad Richards – With a goal and an assist he was a easy pick , but he also saw the ice very well and was one of the players who came to play from the start just like the three guys who earned the other awards .

 I am looking forward to Our Stars ‘sneaking’ their way into the playoffs this year with a few more wins like this (minus the extra point to their opponents , of course) .


~ by Adam on December 28, 2008.

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