Loui Eriksson Beats The Coyotes

– with a little help from his friends  . Eriksson scored Our Stars’ goals both in the first period and in overtime to beat the Coyotes .

 This game may not have been the most exciting thing on the planet to watch but Our Stars won and that is what counts . Even exciting games do not intrest me if we do not win . I am very pleased that we won because , like Razor said , every game has to be treated as a ‘must win’ game from here on out .

 This game was not the most fast-paced , heart pounding game except for when Marty was making saves . It was a good game and there were a few good chances for both sides , both goalies had answers for almost everything . Marty made a few turnovers but he also made saves that were absolutely phenomenal. He has really gotten back to being the Marty that we are used to seeing . You remember that guy , the one who allowed one , two or none all game . I missed that guy . I honestly hope that he continues to play well .

 The rest of the team played well in front of Marty . Rebounds were picked up  to help out Marty and we had sixteen blocked shots that were not all blocked by defensemen .

 Our Stars played good defense , but they also showed that there is definitely room for improvement . Breakaways against after your powerplay ends is a prime example of a failure of defensive awareness . Little things like this can , could and have cost us games . Our Stars have to remember to get the little things done right so that the big things can fall in line .

Our powerplay drew another blank but our penalty kill is improving . It is unfortunate that our powerplay is coming up snake eyes every time and looking very weak . In fact , at times recently , it has looked like our shorthanded opponents were on the powerplay when they were shorthanded . This is exceptionally hard to watch when only two seasons ago , no team wanted to give Our Stars a powerplay for fear of being obliterated on it . It is a positive thing that our penalty kill is getting better . I am not sure (at the moment) where we rank in the league on the PK , but it cannot be as bad as it was . We have shut down too many powerplays recently to be the league’s worst . Besides , I cannot believe that any player on our team would tolerate being in last place for anything .

 And speaking of players on our team , we may finally may have players returning from their separate injuries soon . Maybe as soon as Saturday . Also Brian Sutherby was aquired from the Ducks . Oddly enough , he is currently unavailable due to a groin injury (I don’t understand trading for an injured player but Hull and Jackson are going to do whatever they want) .

 I award MY STARS of the game to ;
 1.  Loui Eriksson – He scored both goals that may have been ‘garbage goals’ but they count . Eriksson has improved greatly in the last couple of seasons and we are all glad that he has .
 2. Marty Turco – If you saw any of his saves in this game , you know that he earned this award . He did very well .
 3. James Neal , Fabian Brunnstrom , Landon Wilson , Chris Connor – When these guys came on the ice , they gave the Coyotes fits . It was almost as if these guys made the ‘Yotes forget how to play hockey . I am pleased that young players are stepping up with a little more confidence and into a more prominent role for our team to be able to win .
  Honourable Mentions – Mike Ribeiro , Mark Parrish , Brad Richards and Mike Modano all had good games as well , but I felt the need to recognize our younger players for MY STARS awards .

 I was very annoyed in the pre-game show that Mike Heika said that he does not think that Our Stars can make the playoffs this year . I realize that all sorts of things must happen for us so we can make the playoffs and that it may even seem like a long shot . I will not give up hope on my team . I think Heika is just a hockey columnist and is not really a fan of the sport or OUR team – that is why he has given up on us . Tracy Myers had a opinion on whether Our Stars would make the playoffs or not , but since she is a parrot and has no independent thoughts of  her own , I will not bother you with them . Her choice of Bryzgalov as a stra of the game would have been approprate only if it had been a 1-0 game not a 2-1 game .

 Sunday , Our Dallas Stars announced that Avery will not return to the organization . They said that they would “explore their options” with him . Not surprising . I am finished with writing anything about Avery . I think Trevor Daley put it best when he said ,”This has nothing to do with me . They make the decisions and we just play .” Solid . I think no better statement has been made about the whole issue , so I will end this blog there .


~ by Adam on December 17, 2008.

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