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 Since the game against the Coyotes , seemingly everyone was afraid of this game . I have to admit that with the loss of Robidas in the last game , my hopes for a win were there , but my faith had waned .

 Before the game in the ‘Stars Live’ pre-game show , Ralph Strangis and ‘Razor’ Reaugh talked all about how great the Red Wings were and how deep they are and on and on and on . Strangis even said ,”You can’t hate the Detroit Red Wings …..” Well , I can . I hate the Wings and if you really want to know why , read my most hated page . 

 The pre-game show annoyed me not only because Dana Larson’s scary face was on my screen (or that she gives me nightmares), but some red-headed jackass (instead of Renner) kept asking every Stars’ player and Tippett about how great the Wings were . Quality reporting /interviewing  jackass .

 When the game finally started , I was encouraged by how Our Stars looked .  They looked like they were taking this game as serious as they should be taking every game . There were some things that we were burned on , like Lebda’s goal , but for the most part , Our Stars were the ones causing the mistakes , not the ones making them . The Wings had a lot of turnovers both forced and unforced . Both teams had good puck support , but Our Stars seemed more determined and definitely hounded the puck better . The five on three that ended this first period came up devestatingly empty . It did finish off in the second period but it was still not enough shooting and chasing the rebound . I was screaming at the screen the whole time . I feel that if guys are going to block shots , you may as well pound the puck right at them and make them pay for blocking the shot .
 The second period started with Our Stars failing to convert on the remainder of the five on three powerplay . Ribs got tossed into Conklin and was angry about it , so much so that he slashed Conklin on his way off the ice (and I did not approve of  that at all) . Landon Wilson picked up his second assist of the season when he helped Tom Wandell score to tie the game up at one . The game definitely picked up tempo after this goal was scored – except nobody told the Wings . Sydor and Ribeiro made a great play and caught Brunnstrom out in the open all alone . He did not waste his chance and beat Conklin like a red-headed step-child . Neal was encouraged by this and he attacked hard on the very next shift . It was just a shame that he was tackled down to keep him from doing anything . *whining*- ” It should have been a penalty ! “At this point I thought the Wings were finally going to start taking Our Stars seriously , but I was wrong . Despite another weak crosschecking call on Grossman , we kept the lead going into the third period .

The third period seemed to be the only period that the Wings even took us even half-way seriously . They definitely attacked harder than they did in the first or the second . They out-shot us fourteen to three in this period as well . Being out-shot did not bother Ribs . He got free enough to hit the empty net in the nine seconds that Conklin had abandon it for the extra attacker .

 Our Stars won this game because ;
 1.  They played as a team . Each player did their own individual job and trusted others to do their own job (You should have known this was coming , I keep this soapbox handy) . Players doing their own jobs is what the definition of a team is . Each performing a vital function to help the whole .
 2. Everybody played . There has been talk about having “no passengers”  all season and in this game , there were none .
 3. Marty Turco . He finally got the majority of the good bounces instead of all bad ones . Of course , when you have good puck support for your goaltender , which they had , your goaltender can do very well . There were times that Marty would have been in trouble but his defensemen (Sydor very often) was there to help him out . Three or four guys back supporting Marty is something that has been absent for too long .
 4. Our Stars played determined . Not only did no one ‘ride free’ but everybody played to win . Everybody hounded the puck hard . There was no one specific player who played harder than the others . Some guys did make more plays , but it was only because they ended up getting ‘tried out’ more often than others .
 Something else that I thought was good and a very important thing was that more than a few of our injured players were right outside the locker room to congratulate Our Stars after the game ended . The support that shows for the players who are playing from the players who are injured is very important . Moral support for a team sport like hockey is very important .

 The Wings never took Our Stars seriously . They came into our building and expected us to lie down and die for them . Despite our team being held together with duct tape and bailing wire , we did not lie down and die for them . We shut them down when they finally decided to play . Their defensive play was decent , but their offense was obviously lazy . It kind of reminds me of last season when the Ducks would come to Dallas and expect the same thing .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – He stepped up and did what he does best . Of course the help from his teammates who kept the slots empty was a welcome bonus .
 2. THE ENTIRE REST OF THE TEAM – They get this award to share . I just hope they share nicely (I already have a schedule for them rotate this award to different players) . They played determined , solid hockey . Everybody did their collective best and I am proud of them . This game proves that they can win whenever they choose to . 

 Other players who individually had a big game were ; Sydor , Wilson , Niskanen , Eriksson , Modano , Ribeiro and Neal , who has quickly become one of my new favorites .
 Let us all hope that they play the same way in Trashville . I hate Those guys . They are classless punks and so are their fans . See My Most Hated page for a longer explanation .


~ by Adam on December 13, 2008.

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