5-3 Loss to Desert Dogs Hurts

 We all know that Our Stars need to win desperately . The Coyotes had been on a two game skid before they came to town . Those two things coupled together should have added up to a Stars’ win , but they did not .
Our Stars did look like they came to play the game , but they just struggled far too often . This was definitely a special teams game and our powerplay and penalty kill percentages are worse this year than any other time in the history of the organization . I am not saying that I think our team sucks , I am saying that I do not know how many people there are left in the AHL and not playing for us in the NHL . With Zubov being placed on IR , Dan Janceveski makes one less AHL player .

 Another thing that really bothered me about this game (and honestly , quite a few other games) is that Our Stars seem to have no response when they are scored on . Craig Ludwig said that if that sorry little game-winning flukey goal had been scored against his old team , they would have gone back out and gotten that one back . Instead of a solid response , Our Stars seemed to hang their heads , slump their shoulders and be eternally sad , just like their fans . Granted in this game they seemed to appear to try to respond , but they could not . My real point is how many players went out on the ice and said that they were going to get that goal back and gave everything they had to attempt to do so ? We need our boys to be more determined and not so easily mentally beaten .

 That goal that was given away by Daley and Turco to Martin Hanzal was not something that either of them should have felt exceptionally horrible for . Turco did not move the puck in a poor manner and the puck just hopped off of Daley weird . This goal is the perfect example of why Our Stars seem to have the hockey gods against them and us . It seems to me that the hockey gods had forsaken us earlier in the season . Usually , Marty was able to make saves and the bounces would go his way and he would have great games . Not so far this season . Shots off the post sometimes banged into our opponents goal and/or pinballed around enough to go in , but not so far this season . There have been some good things happen for us , like ‘goals’ being called ‘no goals’ but other than a very few amount of breaks , we have not been on the receiving end of a smile from the hockey gods – at least not in what seems like quite some time .

 Our situation looks desperate and it is . It may be too early to talk about playoffs and all that , but we have obviously struggled this season . No , it is not all Avery’s fault but added with the injuries , nothing similar to that ‘issue’ helps the cause .

 We have had some positive things come out of having all of our AHL players here . Neal looks great and , to me , he seems to be maturing on the ice rather quickly . Brunnstrom is now a producing forward and just needs to work on his defensive play more often and he could easily fit in nicely to our team on a regular basis . Chris Connor has come into his own as well , even if it has been on the third line . More ice time for these three guys has helped them and it does show promise for the future of the team .

 Desperate times have called for desperate measures and Our Stars have got to step up and answer the call . They are a good team despite the massive amount of injuries . They just have to focus on doing their each , individual jobs and trust other players will do their respective jobs (and , yes , I am on that soapbox again) .

 I do have hope for OUR TEAM and I cannot give up all hope , even though I may panic from time to time . I love Our Stars and they can still achieve great things .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 I award the top three slots to Toby Petersen , Fabian Brunnstrom and Chris Connor . Their line gave the Coyotes fits every time they came off the bench . They played like they wanted to stay in the NHL and , as Razor said , a few more  players on our team could learn from their determination .
 I give honorable mentions to both Mike Ribeiro and James Neal . They both played well . Neal was solid with and without the puck (like he continues to be) and Ribs almost always gives the Coyotes fits when he plays them .

 And on an oddball note , a DallasStars.com article read , and I quote , “A Stars spokesman told NHL.com the team won’t make any announcements until Avery’s six-game suspension ends. The sixth game of his suspension is on Saturday. He is eligible to return for the Stars’ game against Phoenix on Dec. 16.” It sounds to me like they announced that they would not announce anything until a later date . Somehow that sounds odd to me .


~ by Adam on December 12, 2008.

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