Stars Win Shootout Against Avs

 The pre-game show was mostly about the Avery incident and , blah , blah , blah and I am done with all that . The only thing I will write about later is the resulting punishment inflicted on him from Our Stars .
 I was pleased that some of the pre-game was about hockey . Tippett did say that “the game part is the easy part” after somebody asked him about all of what was going on . Robidas said that his focus and the teams’ , as well , should only be on hockey .

 The game started with both teams’ players blocking as many shots as their respective goalies . Our Stars had decent powerplays in this period , but could not come up with any goals . The opportunities were there , we just could not follow through .

 The second period started out showcasing Marty’s ability to stop pucks . After a few attacks by the Avs , Our Stars started getting good attacks . Modano took a shot that Petersen tipped past Budaj . Our Stars continued their pressure for a few shifts after they scored . The Avs attacked back and drew a call , but the powerplay was more of a short-handed showcase for Our Stars . Our Stars won most of the puck battles in this period and it kept them in the lead .

Connor , Modano and Petersen decided to come out in the third and rush Budaj for some solid attacks . The next shift of Parrish , Ribeiro and Neal decided to carry the momentum on as well . Eriksson and Richards had a solid attack much later despite most of the play being to the perimeter . The Avs finally seemed to start waking up and getting better pressure . Turco still managed to stop every puck from all comers , at least he did until Budaj skated off to the bench for the extra attacker . Sadly , Svatos scored off of a scrum in front of Marty that was perhaps in one of the most crowded creases I have seen all season .
 When the overtime started , I was absolutely riveted to the screen . This was perhaps the most exciting part of the game . Both teams took lots of solid shots at their opponents goaltenders . It was glorious to watch but it was not destined to be decided in overtime .

 The shootout started with Brad Richards for us , but he could  not beat Budaj . The Avs sent out Wojtek Wolski and with lots and lots of dekeing he got Marty to commit and beat him to score the first shootout tally . Fabian Brunnstrom skated out to try again for us , but he failed to beat Budaj . Marek Svatos , who had been the best player on the ice in the game (he is one of my favorites who is not a Stars player) , shot high and it bounced off Marty’s glove and went very high and wide . Mike Ribeiro skated out for his turn and with a very quick and fast shot he found the twine behind Budaj . Milan Hejduk gave Marty his best shot , but Marty turned him away cold forcing more players to try their skills in the shootout . Mike Modano took his turn and made beating Budaj look easy when he , seemingly , effortlessly found the net with his shot . The Avs sent out Ryan Smyth for their final chance on Marty , but , again , he stopped him cold .

 Our Stars won this game with focus and determination . It may not have been the most exciting game I have ever seen but getting the win is more important than excitement .

 MY STARS of the game ;
 1. Mike Modano – With the game-winning goal and an assist to his credit , he was a shoe-in to win this spot . He has not taken any shifts off this season .
 2. James Neal – He played solid throughout the whole game . He was there on defense when he was needed and took a team leading five shots on goal .
 3. Marty Turco – He made twenty-six stops on twenty-seven shots . He played very well and I think he needed a low scoring affair to boost his confidence .
  Honorable mentions ;
 Toby Petersen – He played smart hockey and tipped Mo’s shot for Our only regulation goal of the game .
 Trevor Daley – He has been much more confident in his gameplay in recent games and I am proud of him .

 On a side note , Ralph Strangis posted a column/article on about the Avery affair . I know I said that I am finished with talking about it , and I am , but this quote can be applied to any of those of us who have a job , minus the reference to Avery . Strangis said , ” My advise for him is to understand that jobs aren’t created so we can all have a job and earn a paycheck and advance our own agendas – jobs are created because the company has a need for loyal and devoted employees who will do what is needed and expected so that the group can achieve their goals and the company can flourish .” More profound words about a job and work may never have been written .

 Oh , and I apologize for the lateness of this blog . I have worked over twenty hours in the past fourty-eight , so I really did not have much of a chance to write it . My sincerest apologies . I suppose that that proves that I have already taken Strangis’ advice to heart .


~ by Adam on December 8, 2008.

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