Oil 5 , Stars 2

 First off , I want to apologize for posting this so late . I do have my reasons . Today is my first day off of work since Thanksgiving day . I honestly have not had the opportunity to write any sooner . Thank you for bearing with me .

 The Oilers may have beaten Our Stars five to two , but unlike other losses this year , I am neither depressed or angry about it . The two main reasons for this are that eleven forwards and seven defensemen played the night before and most of our current players either have a full time home in the AHL or did last season .

 When you look at both of those things , your outlook on a loss like this should change . No , I do not like losses . We have had enough for an entire season already in my opinion , but we , as a team , have been forced to suit up guys who at the beginning of the season were not judged ready for the NHL by our coach . I think that Craig Ludwig said it best when he said that our team was “held together with bungee cords and duct tape right now” . We are so deep into our AHL players that their rosters are getting thin despite the failings of several  ECHL teams and their players being “set loose” on the market .

 Our defense was certainly lacking in this game . Puck security was a major issue . I hate to name names , but if you saw the Oilers’ highlight reel you know who made the ugliest mistakes in front of Marty . Turnovers came like rain drops from both teams in reality , but Our Stars could not make the Oilers pay like the Oilers made us pay for them . 

 Our Stars played a very tired game . They looked worn out when they came out of the locker room  . Their fatigue probably caused a lot of the turnovers that they had but that also stems from the fact that most of our current players are not used to playing at NHL level . Modano , Robidas , Turco , Ribeiro and Daley are the only players who played the entire season for Our Stars last season without a stint of any time in the AHL .

 Our few veterans did play decent and looked nowhere near as tired (or as sloppy) as their counterparts who are not veterans . Richards , Eriksson , and Petersen did do well , but they have had more experience playing at this level of play than the rest of the team that was not mentioned in the above paragraph .

 It is clear that Tippett wants to win games , but he is struggling just like our roster is . Obviously , we do not have many “top shelf” players available to us right now . Zubov , Lehtinen , Lundqvist , Ott , Morrow , Fistric and Avery are all unavailable to our team . Seven players – five of which are veterans – being out of our line up definitely hurts . I know that Tippett is going to do all that he can to still win hockey games .

 I normally give out MY STARS of the game awards , but this time I will pass on that and just say that Modano , Richards , Ribeiro , Robidas , Daley , Eriksson and Petersen  played better than the rest of our team .

 On a final note , now that I have had time off , I have managed to get caught up with the “Sean Avery Affair” , and I have come to my own conclusion . I do plan to drop my two cents worth in to the now endless bucket of opinions , but it will not be in this posting . I will write an entirely separate blog for that issue (probably after Bettman decides what he is going to do) .


~ by Adam on December 5, 2008.

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