Bettman Hands Avery Suspension .

 Not surprisingly , Gary Bettman handed out Sean Avery a six game suspension for his comments . The main article regarding the suspension on says (quote) “Avery also agreed to seek professional anger-management evaluation and , if necessary , structured counseling in light of his pattern of behavior , which the NHL has deemed unacceptable and antisocial behavior .”(end quote)

 The TSN web site poses the question “Is a six game suspension enough punishment for Sean Avery’s actions ?”  The results of the poll at a little after twelve , noon (central time) were 27% – yes , 51% – no , 21% – too much . is the address of a column that reports that Avery attempted to issue an apology to his teammates and through the Stars Organization . Both were apparently refused . This article was written before the six game suspension was handed out from Bettman . I still say that this is a must read article even if it is technically older news .

 In yet another article on they have reported (quote) “Moose owner Mark Chipman tells TSN, ”We wouldn’t take him under any circumstance.” “(end quote) 

 Avery’s punishment from the league is what it is , but the Stars Organization are likely to be much harder on him . Matthew Barnaby has even been quoted as saying that the Dallas Stars are a class organization and that Avery has probably played his last game in a Dallas Stars uniform . Tippett has made it clear that he is not interested in having Avery with the team no matter how short-handed that may make the team . With other quotes taken from various other players both anonymous and publicly , it is obvious that few other Stars players want him back in the locker room ever again .

My thoughts on the whole thing are this ;

 I think that the suspension probably was too much for verbal diarrhea with intent to injure even with the nasty comments he has made in the past . It is not so much the words that he said that bother me , it is the discord that he has obviously created in the locker room . I understand the need to antagonize the opposing team but you should never antagonize your own teammates to the point that they hate you the way that they seem to . I know Ott gives histeammates trouble , but it always seems to be good natured trouble and not the circus that Marty Turco alluded to when he was asked about Avery’s behavior .

 What Avery said was certainly classless , but in the end , earning the other players’ ire and even hatred is what made up my mind . There is no reason on Earth good enough for him to remain in our locker room on a regular basis . The sooner we can get rid of him by any means necessary , the better off we will be .

The saddest part of this whole little episode is that none of the other Stars players voiced any problems with him publicly . They probably did voice their problems to Tippett, Hull or Jackson , but I think it sucks that our players had to suffer seemingly silently . Our Stars’ gameplay has certainly suffered from it and if you say that it is not because of Avery , you are a blind fool . One person stirring up trouble and problems in the locker room is enough to destroy a team . Chemistry is a big thing in the locker room and it is very important . A prime example of this is if you do not trust your fellow player to do his job then you may think you need to do it for them and that is a problem our team has suffered from from almost day one . Nobody trusted each other . The discord was obvious but none of us outside the locker room knew what the real problem was . 

 I truly hope we can rid OUR team of a locker room problem and get on with winning hockey games again . However they do it , I just hope that they flush twice to make sure he makes it all the way through the plumbing .

 You should never bite the hand that feeds you and apparently Avery’s current feeders have had enough bites . 

 All quotes are noted as to their source . Both and were used as sources .


~ by Adam on December 5, 2008.

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