A Hard Look

 Great .

 The Cap’n is out for six months for a torn ACL .

 Lehtinen comes in and out with what the team only calls a lower body injury (for those of you who do not know , Our Stars win less than one third of their games when he is out of the line up) .

 Marty cannot seem to find his game no matter how big the freakin’ spotlight he uses to find it might be .
 We are the worst in the league in the goals scored against statistic .

 We are ranked at twenty-ninth in the league , behind only the Blues who have played two fewer games than we have . 

 In the +/- statistics , we are ranked (as a team) at twenty-seventh in the league with a -10 , only the Avs and the Blues are worse with a -11 and a -12 respectively .

 Brad Richards , Mike Modano , Sergei Zubov and Mike Ribeiro are only uninjured high quality players . Do not misunderstand , I am not saying that the rest of our players are sorry players , they just are not Iginla , Kariya , Ovechkin , Thornton or Modano quality players . I really like all of our players , but they just are not on the same level as “top end” players .

 We have a guy who rarely shows up to ‘play’ who was recently signed , but is STILL way overpaid .

 I still am a fan of my team (and always will be no matter what our record is) , but I really think that NOW IS a good time to panic . 

Hull and Jackson need to do something or just scratch the season and just hope for the number one draft pick in the off-season .

 I , personally , think that losing to get the best draft pick is a stupid idea (I am not a NY Jets fan) . I would prefer trading that overpaid jerk (who currently leads the league in penalty minutes with 66) we have to a team with jerks on their roster already to take up their salary cap space . Maybe we could get their only good player . Hmm….I wonder if the Flyers need another jackass . They had quite a few last season . I wonder if we could get Briere for him . THAT would be awesome . Make the call Hullie . Get it done .

 These thoughts are certainly not going to be terribly popular , especially with other Stars fans . I DO love my team . I will still wear all my Stars things out and be proud to be a Stars fan . I just want them to get their heads on straight and get some freakin’ wins . I am tired of being depressed .


~ by Adam on November 22, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Hard Look”

  1. I, as well as many others have said it over and over, TURCO MUST GO!! When you see a team that has as many shots against goal as we did and the other team has less but still wins, that shows me that the other goalie is making the saves and OURS IS NOT. Turco is only an average goalie, at best, even with his great playoff run last season. Just like some players go into slumps, some players have one good year and then revert back to the slump. Marty didn’t even have a full good year last season. This should be first and foremost on the list of “things to do.”

    Next Brad Richards should/MUST be given more responsibility. His talent is not being used properly and as he was used to doing in Tampa Bay. He has mega talent but it is NOT being used to his full potential.

    All the negative talk about Sean Avery needs to stop. He has kept his nose clean and the man has more speed than anyone on that team. He has been contributing and I think all the Sean talk is just a knee-jerk reaction trying to find someone or something to blame. With Sean’s reputation he is an easy target.

    Last, if the coaches can’t or won’t see and use the talent that each player contributes then it is time for them to go. I really don’t blame any one player, with the exception of Turco, for the problems we are facing this year and now with the loss of Brenden the problems will be magnified.

    This team has so much untapped talent on it that has yet to be used. They are a playoff team but not with this goalie and possibly not with these coaches.

  2. Marty is a good goalie BUT I sure do wish we had Smitty still . The quality of the shots on goal count as well . We may have more shots on goal , but they never seem to be the ones that “would have made it if such and such had not lifted the stick” or something similar . Marty thinks too much when he should just be stopping the puck . Do we need a more consistatnt goalie ? We need a more consistant team , so at this point , I would say yes to a new goalie .
    Brad Richards has been given more responsibility , but it does not seem that he (or any other players) currently wants to play to their full potential .
    Sean Avery . He has kept his nose clean as long as you don’t notice that he leads the entire NHL in penalty minutes . To his credit though , he has turned down fights when the team needed him on the ice instead of in the box . Taking things out on Avery IS easy when you see him in practice and he is the only one not cooperating , rather just standing or going half speed . I may have been a little harsh but in my judgement but , I think he would be the best player to trade to attempt to get somebody who can help the team . Also to his credit , he does have more points than many other players on our team .
    Our team does have untapped talent . I cannot think of a single player who absolutely sucks on the team . I have preached team play for a long time for Our Stars . As indiviuals , they cannot carry the team , but as a team they can carry an individual AND THEY HAVE PROVEN IT but for some reason , they cannot remember that . They CAN win WHEN they play as a team . This season , it seems that they just don’t feel like being a team and that is probably what frustrates me the most . They can win , they just don’t .
    As far as getting rid of coaches , I cannot argue that . I hate to admit it but it seems that Tippett cannot get the team to do what he wants . Even last season , consistancy was a problem for the team . If Tippett went , I wouldn’t cry .

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