Depressed , Drunken Blogging

 I start this blog with a half of a bottle of Captain Morgan’s finest . I just feel the need to drink from depression . That or I am just missing GOOD Stars’ hockey . So , here I sit writing this blog while ‘watching’ the Wild / Pens game , Captain Morgan ready to sail and my wife reading some erotic book where she sighs every few moments . Hang on *gulps* . Yeah , that’s the good stuff . Mittens vs. Boucher . Hell of a match up . I pick 43 over 20 in a fight any day .


 I like what Razor said about the Boucher/Sydor trade (check his blog – it is almost always worth the time). I may not be pleased with it myself (or even have made up my mind about it , for that matter) , but it seems that both teams will get what they want out of it . Pittsburgh needed a right hand shot veteran defenseman who could step in on the powerplay and Our Stars needed a guy who wanted more ice time who would be a leader on ice and off . The best thing that I have heard about this trade was “Great we traded one old geezer for another . What the hell ?” Somehow I think she missed the real reason for the trade . Nostalgia . Obviously . Hullie missed hanging around with Sydor in his Stars’ green house slippers .


 Quote : “I think we are still a pretty young team and (Sydor) can add a veteran voice in the locker room,” added Stephane Robidas. “He is still a great defenseman. He played a little bit in the finals last year and he played well. Bouch was a good friend of mine on the team, we lived in the same neighborhood and our kids went to the same school. I am really sad to see him go but I hope the best for him.” (end quote taken directly from . Just think , that female that “writes” for The Fort Worth Star Telegram said nobody would miss him . Look who knows jack schmidt now ! Stupid cow .
*gulps twice*

 B.J. Crombeen was picked up on waivers by the Blues almost as soon as Our Stars’ management placed him on them . Cute . Now we are down TWO forwards (since we cannot count that half-ass Sean Avery as a “real” player) . Oh , wait I forgot that Our Stars’ management brought up Neal from the “minors” to take his place . Just what we needed ? A rookie anchoring the fourth line . Yay . I am so excited .

*gulps twice and steadies himself from falling off the computer chair*

 What kind of a world is this that we live in anyway where this kind of thing goes on ? Nothing makes sense any more . Marty was struggling but we don’t have Smitty , we need a good fourth line , but Stu retired and Halpern got traded and Joel Ludqvist is still out with his shoulder injury and we still could use Jussi Jokinen and what were they thinking when they traded off Jerome Iginla to Calgary and where did Pierre Turgeon go and WHERE THE HELL IS MY RUM ?*hiccup*…………………….*hiccup*…………………



~ by Adam on November 19, 2008.

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