Stars Take Down Coyotes

 Before this game even started , I was worried about it . Obviously , I had started to panic . I was certain that the Coyotes were going to shut Ribs down . I had apparently forgotten that sometimes , they do shut him down and other times he takes home a nice little pile of points . I am very glad that it was the latter that was true .

 The first period started out with Ollie Jokinen taking a double minor . Unfortunately , Our Stars could do nothing with the powerplay time . Ribs came in much later with a sneaky little between the legs , top shelf shot that hit Bryzgalov in the head . It may not have gone in , but I am sure it made the highlight reels for the week . A very quick attack assisted by Robi had Ribs in great position to set Loui Eriksson up for the game’s first goal . This was a positive period . It was mostly attacks by Our Stars . They only allowed brief entries into their own zone .

 The second period showed that the Coyotes were interseted in keeping it a game . They scored on a fast net drive that Turco needed help with coverage , but never received . The Cap’n’s shorthanded break away chance was stolen when he was blatantly tripped . It was pathetic when The Cap’n was arguingthe obvious to the ref , but the ref clearly said , “it wasn’t a trip !” A very short time after that , the refs made a (at best questionable) hooking call against the Coyotes on which Ribs set up Zubov who pounded the puck towards the net with Parrish there for the redirect to ensure Bryzgalov never had a chance . Ott , Carcillo and Barch all started shoving at each other . Ott and Carcillo went for unsportsmanlike conduct . As soon as they came out of the sin bin , they went ahead and added five more minutes to the penalty minute totals . Later , Ribs raced down into the Coyotes’ zone , stopped , shot and Eriksson picked up the rebound . The Coyotes apparently did not want to lose three to one and they attacked back immediately and scored after all our defensemen were caught on their heels . The last minutes of this period were horrible . Our Stars got scrambling and the Coyotes almost tied it .

 The third period started with the Coyotes looking determined to score and Our Stars determined to nurse the lead despite their defensive coverage starting to break down far more often than it had been . Hanzal jumped into Brunnstrom at almost center ice , and Petersen took exception to the hit and came over to Hanzal do “discuss” things . Again , the refs prove they have my faith when they handed out a slashing and an elbowing penalty . The rest of the game was fairly uneventful except for the final minute . Bryzgalov could not run off the ice because Our Stars kept the pressure on him . The sad thing about that was that as soon as they started playing defense in their own zone , Marty was the only one who seemed to be playing to save the game .

 Even with the fight , this game seemed like a long series of drills . Both teams seemed to ‘just go’ and focus on the basics , but not really achieve anything . Both teams lacked passion .
 I know it may be wrong to say , but at least we got the win .

 The three STARS of the game will have to be re-awarded (and added to). The people who picked them out were apparently blind when they picked Carcillo for two reasons . 1) They must not have remembered that he went offsides on every powerplay the Coyotes had and I am sure Gretzky is still thanking him for playing so well as to ruin offensive chances regularly . 2) Carcillo has made my most hated list so he can NEVER receive a star of the game . The REAL STARS of the game are ;
 1. Mike Ribeiro – Earning a point with every goal scored and cute little plays earned him this one .
 2. Loui Eriksson – Used to be worth a bag of wooden nickels . I am glad he has gone up in worth with his game play .
 3. Doug Janik – He may not have been playing recently , but he did very well . He made smart plays in both zones despite pressure .
 4. Marty Turco – He would have been up higher on the list but , I guess I am just fickle like that .
 5. Mark Parrish – He was all around the net on a regular occasion . Few others attack the net besides The Cap’n .

 During this game we found out that Phillipe Boucher was a healthy scratch . I was shocked and knew immediately that something weird was going on . I could not recall the last time Boucher was a healthy scratch . Then yesterday , I received a phone call at work informing me of the fact that Boucher had been traded for Darryl Sydor . I know many people like Sydor as a player , but he makes stupid mistakes in his own zone . His minutes in Pittsburgh were not huge . He was a healthy scratch for them many times . They definitely got the better end of this deal . We will miss you Boucher .


~ by Adam on November 17, 2008.

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