Out Of The Sick-House And Out To A Stars Practice

 Well , I finally was able to get over that nasty cold so I went out to watch Our Stars practice in Frisco . I was not going to go at first because I wanted to be sure that I was 100% better , but my wife insisted that I should go (which shocked me) . So , with about an hour before practice left , I set off for Frisco . By the time I arrived , most of the players had already arrived . But that was alright . I stayed late for a few autographs (with permission , of course) . Those autographed pucks (and one trading card) are going to be Christmas gifts for my daughter . She will probably scream when she opens them .

 When I arrived , Lundqvist was out on the ice running puck handling drills by himself . Later after the practice , I asked him when he might be back . He said as soon as his shoulder healed , he would be back . Six to eight weeks is what an injury like that usually takes to heal . 

 The Zamboni was run after Lundqvist was finished and Crombeen and Ott were the first players out there .

 In case you were wondering what number Sydor would choose , he took 55 . The rest of the defensemen that skated were ; Janik , Robidas , Grossman , Niskanen , and Zubov . Daley showed up , but was (reportedly) sent off to have his busted up nose looked at . In the drills , they were paired ; Niskanen and Sydor , Zubov and Grossman , Robidas and Janik . Who knows if Tippett will stick with those pairings though , especially since he seems to have A.D.D. with his forward lines just as much as his defensive pairings .

 The forwards that dressed were ;
 In green jerseys ; Richards , Brunnstrom , Ott , Avery and Petersen .
 In white jerseys ; Eriksson , Morrow , Modano , Ribeiro , Crombeen and Barch .
 Noticeably missing from practice were Lehtinen and Parrish . I had heard that they both showed up , but they did not skate or come out to sign autographs after the practice . That is unusual for Jere Lehtinen to do . He almost always signs fans’ junk (including my junk) .

There were not many fans there , but there were a mountain of media people . Doubtless because of the Boucher / Sydor trade . I heard that woman who “writes” for The Star Telegram say that Our Stars would not miss him anyway . Well , I miss him , you cow !

 Enough of that . The practice was pretty up beat . It was pretty cool to see Tippett introduce Sydor ‘formally’ to the rest of the team . They ran through some fairly up tempo drills and they did not pull their hits too much . Sydor and Barch had a nice little crash and so did The Cap’n and Robi . When they battled along the boards , they looked really sharp . The drills that they ran were almost never slow . The only “slow” thing that they did was stretch before they got going . I was amused that it resembled yoga before they got after it . When they ran the puck handling drills , Tippett wanted them to be quick as well . And they were .

 Over all , this was a fast paced and physical practice . I was glad to see it .

  The only player who never looked like he was involved was Avery . He seemed to be going at half speed or less . Once he was crashed into accidentally and just laid there for a minute before he got up off the ice as if he had been hurt . He was the first off the ice , by the way .

 Modano , The Cap’n , Niskanen , Brunnstrom , Zubov , Grossman , Richards , Crombeen , Petersen and Stephan ALL stayed after practice technically ended to practice more . I was impressed . At past practices , Mo , Richards , The Cap’n and Zubov were off the ice first . This is what looks like these players trying to set a good example for others to follow . Good job and kudos . Work ethic is what we definitely need .

 Brett Hull and Craig Ludwig were both there discussing things with Ralph and Razor on the bench . I almost laughed out loud when I saw that Hull was wearing Stars’ green house shoes (with socks) . I guess if you have the kind of money he does , you can do whatever you want .

 Oh , and please do not chew me out for not calling you to tell you I was going to practice . I really was not planning on going . I was going to stay home and make sure I was 100% well before I went out . I did get to tell Sydor welcome back to Dallas , though . I just hope he does well here again . 
 If you would like to see pictures (or my paultry attempt at them) go to my MySpace page . My user name is Dallas Stars 24/7/365 .


~ by Adam on November 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Out Of The Sick-House And Out To A Stars Practice”

  1. Thanks for the update, Adam!

  2. No problem . It is in my job description .

    I did forget to mention that when Brunnstrom came out after practice , he handed out his own sticks to the first four (or five – I forget) people who were waiting there for autographs . I am still kicking myself in the ass for not being one of the first people in line . He even stopped to sign everything everybody had but it wasn’t like there were more than seven of us there anyway .

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