Stars Drop Second Game To Kings

 This game killed me . After the trash and “love” both teams talked about and shared in the last game and during the shootout , I expected better .
 I cannot even begin to say how upset this loss makes me and not just because my team lost . It was more about how we lost than the actual fact that we lost that upsets me the most . We had almost no net presence . We suffered from a severe amount of turnovers . The Kings owned the faceoff dot . Our Stars showed a severe lack of intensity that has been absent from what seems like the beginning of the season . Of course the conga line to the penalty box certainly did not help Our Stars efforts to win .

 Let us look at the numbers and think about this . The Islanders have a record of 5-9-2 . They currently sit at 29th in the league . The Blues currently have a record of 5-8-1 and they have played two fewer games than Our Stars . The Blues have last place tied up until they play a few more games . Right now , the Lightning and the Panthers are ranked higher than Our Stars are . Florida is where good hockey players go to disappear (or retire) and Tampa has NO defense (other than their goalies who never get help) and cannot get their high powered offense started . If now is not the time to panic , tell me , WHEN IS IT TIME TO PANIC ?

 I know Our Stars have the ability to do very well , but they need to remember that themselves . If they cannot get things started and soon , it will be a very rough season . It has already been rough for everyone involved .

Quote : “Our work ethic wasn’t there and until we realize it, we’ll keep going down in the standings,” Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas said. “They’re a young team without a lot of experience, but all their guys work hard. I think we’ve hit bottom. If you’re not willing to put your work boots on, it’s going to be hard to win in this league.”

“We seem to be a flat team, with a lead or when we’re down a goal,” Morrow said. “We’re getting a good shift followed by a bad one. Then we get pressed again and a goal will go in against us. We’re a foot short. We’re throwing the puck at the net but we’re not relentless enough to follow up.”

Dallas coach Dave Tippett said he’s seeing too much individual play from his team.

“We have to continue to pound away,” Tippett said. “We have to take the individual stuff out and put the team first. If we get to the point where they don’t want to do it, we’ll move them out of the lineup.” 
  End quote . Quote directly taken from .

 Robi is right . Everybody needs to get their work boots on and get themselves in gear and do the work to win . Half of the team playing cannot win the game . The Cap’n hit the nail on the head as well . Not enoughpeople are going to the net to follow up and they seem to be afraid to get hit or messed with in front of the net . Tippett may have the right idea with moving people out if they do not perform as a team but there is a limit of how many players you can have scratched each game . He is running out of players to scratch .

Quote :“It’s always frustrating, especially in the situation we’re in right now,” defenseman Stephane Robidas said. “We need points bad. We’re really deep in the standings and before the start of the season, we were talking about the Stanley Cup and feeling good after the playoff run last year.  We’re far from that and we’re playing nowhere near where we were last year.”

Brad Richards scored a goal and an assist, while Mike Ribeiro also scored.  Goaltender Marty Turco was solid in goal, making 26 saves, but it wasn’t enough.

“We just can’t find a way to win right now,” Richards said. “On home ice, tonight was unacceptable, the way we came out in the first period. I’m speechless, how we came out, to get down 2-0. No offense to that team, but we feel like we should be out there dictating the first period, being up 2-0, not being in a hole again. Mental lapses, turnovers, giving up chances, I don’t know why we can’t get it in our heads.”

“We won’t be a very good team until we play together as a team,” Stars coach Dave Tippett added. “We don’t trust each other to get their jobs done. We are too individual right now and there are a lot of different parts here. Our key parts don’t have trust in the group.”

Special teams continued to be an issue, as the Stars, who entered the day with the NHL’s 27th-ranked penalty killing unit, were penalized eight times and surrendered two power play goals. They did score two power play goals of their own, but took little solace from that afterwards.

“We can say it’s a positive thing, but it’s pretty hard to look at positives right now,” Robidas said.
 End quote . Quote taken directly from .

 Again , Robi got the right of things . We are definitely not playing like we played when the season ended last season . That needs to be fixed . Richards’ quote needs nothing added . He summed it all up quite neatly . Tippett summed up what I have been preaching since the beginning of the season . This team is nothing individually (and they have proven that) , but together , they are a championship team . They must play together as a team . The special teams beginning to do better is a positive thing , but it is like having a screen door on a submarine . Having even a 100% powerplay would not matter if you could not win the game . 

 I spoke with a friend of mine the other day and he had suggested a coaching change . While I am not fond of this idea , it might be what is needed . Somebody has to make our players do their job . If the current coaching staff cannot get them to do their job , someone who can make them do their jobs needs to be leading the team . I like Tippett , but Our Stars have shown a terrible lack of consistency recently . If Tippet is released from his duties , it makes me wonder who out there would be able to get Our Stars back on track . That is my biggest reason for wanting to keep Tippett . There just is not anybody out there .

 This is where I usually award the STARS of the game , but today , I refuse to award all three to different players .
  Instead , Marty Turco gets all three STARS for himself and he does not even have to share them .
 Some players played well , but everybody screwed up , not just one player .
 I think Richards , Morrow , Modano , Robi , Zubov , Ribs and Lehtinen played better than most of the rest of the team , but they still struggled . This game just plain hurt to watch .

 Can I panic now ?


~ by Adam on November 14, 2008.

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