I know I have been slow to blog about the games recently and I apologize profusely . Between suffering from a severe cold and my job , I just cannot seem to keep up with everything . Since I missed out on posting about the Kings / Stars game on Tuesday , I will give only a brief recap .

 When I heard before the game that Lehtinen would be back , I was absolutely ecstatic . In case you did not know , I am a huge Jere Lehtinen fan . He is my favourite player – ever . I was sure that Our Stars would do better with him and Zubov back on the ice .
 This game was all about grinding and hitting . Both teams were absolutely pounded . It seemed to me that Our Stars ended up on the worse side of things , though . Especially when in the final minute of the game when Ribs took that hit (AND IT WAS A CLEAN HIT) and he erupted blood everywhere . I cannot blame The Cap’n for rushing to take up fisticuffs with Brown for it , though , thank the hockey gods that the NHL saw it the same way and decided not to suspend Morrow or fine Tippett a whopping hunk of change for the fight and the instigator penalty . For once , the NHL got things right . The hit , to me , did not appear to be boarding , but you have to give the officials credit for calling a penalty for drawing that much blood from a player . The Kings fans did not agree , especially when Ribs was able to get patched up in time for the shootout and did that fancy little thing that he did and then placed his finger over his lips as if to say ,”Shhhh” . That did not sit well with the Kings fans . If you want to see Kings fans whining , go to this site ; http://www.insidesocal.com/kings/2008/11/armstrong-vs-ribeiro.html . It is interesting to see the flip side of antagonism that has been done by our players and how it affects fans . I think that their fans wanted to kill Ribs after that and probably still do . On the flip side , if the same thing would have happened and it was Our Cap’n who had put a hit on a guy and caused that same thing , I would have been annoyed by Ribs’ “showboating” , but really , that is what the shootout is . Showboating . What we all have to remember that this kind of “love” for other teams is what conference rivalries are all about . Violent love for one another.

 Our Stars played decent but they never really seemed “on” until overtime started . They looked slow throughout the rest of the game . Their net presence was often non-existent and the powerplay was still held without scoring . Almost all of the shots that were taken were from the outside . Our Stars also displayed very poor puck management . At some points in the game some of our players looked like they did not want to go on the ice any more so they did not have to be hit . It’s hockey guys , that is what happens . 

 On the positive note , Our Stars did not have the defensive break downs like they were suffering from just a short time ago . Despite the loss , Our Stars really cannot do much worse . Only two teams in the league are ranked lower in the standings than we are , so we have nowhere to go but up . All hope is not lost . Our Stars have the talent to win and all of our players are healthy now (except Joel Lundqvist) , so they will improve .

 Random shots ;

  I noticed that Sean Avery had an X in marker on his left hand . Perhaps since it appears that he went clubbing the night before , that could explain his lack of impact on the game . Focus is a precious commodity that Our Stars are currently lacking . Thanks for your help in that department Mr. Avery . We appreciate your focus .

 Has anyone else noticed that Stephane Robidas has a skull and cross bones sticker in the top middle of his visor ? Do you think he put that there because he takes as much punishment as he does ? Or do you think it is because he is a pirate like me ? I know that I would never have gotten up from that check into the bench that he took .

 MY STARS of the game : 
 1. Jere Lehtinen – For it being his first game of the season , he did fabulous . When he was needed on offense , he was there , When he was needed on defense , he was there . He played very well and was all over the ice (plus he gets bonus points for being my favorite player) .
 2. Mike Modano – For not being a huge fan of his , I do name him to my Stars of the game often . But , if he did not deserve it , then I would not put him here . He has looked good since the beginning of the season despite the rest of the team’s “hit and miss” play . 
 3. Sergei Zubov – Offense or defense he does well . Despite the fact that the powerplay did not score , he had his fair share of chances . He is smart with the puck and seems eternally calm . He did end up with an assist , so that counts for something .
 4. Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow – Ribs gets this for taking the hit , bleeding everywhere AND getting back out there to “showboat” and piss off the other team and their fans . I know , I am being tacky , but it’s my blog so I will do what I want 😛  . Morrow gets this honour for taking up for his linemate even if he did not have a huge impact on the game itself .


~ by Adam on November 13, 2008.

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