“Good” Loss To Sharks ?

 This game was one I really wanted to see Our Stars win . We obviously needed the win not only for the points but also for the mental boost it would have given .

 I have to give Our Stars credit for playing better as the game progressed , but they needed effort from the beginning . Our whole team knew this game was going to be a tough one after playing the hard hitting Ducks the night before . Our Stars looked tired from the outset of the game and with good reason .

 Mike Modano said in his interview between periods that something happens in the distance from the locker room to the ice that made the players forget what they were supposed to be doing and seemed exceptionally frustrated .
 Quotes that I feel are worth mentioning from DallasStars.com are ;

 “It’s self explanatory .” Turco said . “Generally I let them dictate the play and I shouldn’t be going high over the middle . To make matters worse , I knocked it into the net. I don’t know what I was thinking .” * While this goal ended the game and Marty clearly blames himself , if Our Stars had won they would have no one else to thank for the win but Marty . Marty performed beautifully . That ’round the back’ save on Joe Thornton was huge and , like Razor , I thought he had to dislocate his shoulder to move in such a fashion . Tippett and The Cap’n both complimented Marty’s game play despite his mental lapse that caused the game winning goal to be scored . They should have .

  “We have no regrets.” captain Brenden Morrow said *. I would have to disagree a little . Our Stars should have come out of the gate like they played the third period . Then , things may have turned out differently . Other than that , I think Our Stars played an excellent team and did very well for coming out of the contest without two points .

 Our Stars played a very good game against a team that has under-performed for years . Under the coaching of McLellan , the Sharks are looking more like a team who is going to live up to their potential . People have predicted for years that San Jose would win it all , and now that they look like a mirror image of the Detroit Dead Things , they have a better chance than they have had for all of those years .

 Our Stars were really just out-played in the first and second periods . They did do well to catch up , but they did not look 100% probably from being tired from night before . Again , I say that if they had played the whole game (minus Marty’s “accident”) like they played the third period , they would have won . Showing that they can play as well as they did against the top ranked team in the league right now tired , they did well . It was only one mistake that cost us the game , and not the countless mistakes that have cost us in other recent games .

 This may have been a loss , but I really do not think it was that bad of a loss . It showed that there is hope for Our Stars . We just need to beg , steal or borrow some freakin’ points and quickly .

 My STARS of the game ;
 1. Marty Turco – Despite his momentary lapse of reason at the end , he played fabulous . He would have won them the game . This was a huge step back to his old self that he needed to take for his confidence level . I just hope he does not dwell on that one mistake and get worried about it .
 2. Loui Eriksson – Stealing the puck and then going to the net and scoring a goal is something we definitely need more of . Maybe Lehtinen’s return will help us all to see more stolen pucks by Our Stars .
 3. Sergei Zubov – I give this award to him because he is starting to look like his old self again as well . He may not have gotten his ‘normal’ thirty minutes of ice time , but he is getting closer to that mark . He also started back to his old ways of jumping in on the offensiveside of things again . I know that with him back at 100% Our Stars will be back on track in no time . The Kings should be concerned when they play Our Stars on Tuesday .

 * All quotes taken directly from DallasStars.com .


~ by Adam on November 10, 2008.

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