Ducks Parrish With Hattrick

 When it was announced that Zubov would be back on the ice and that Mark Parrish would be playing , I had a lot of hope for Our Dallas Stars . I really did not expect Parrish to get a hat trick and Zubov to stay off the scoresheet . I am just glad that they won no matter who put their name on the scoresheet or how often .

 This game had a lot of things that Our Stars needed to establish – and early . When Zubov came on the ice for his first shift , he was paired with Niskanen again . I am glad . Now maybe Niskanen will listen to Zubov when he is cursing him in Russian . Maybe he will play better and return his mirror play to Zubov instead of Norstrom . The braodcast showed early that Parros STILL does not realize that bad seventies porn mustaches are out of style . Now I remember how much I freakin’ hate Pronger the Prick and suddenly I remembered how much I do not like Selanne . For that matter , I am having flash backs of all the things that went on last season against the Ducks and I remember now that I really hate these guys – not like the Detroit Dead Things – different from that kind of hate . Turco looked like his old self except for the goal that was counted (later in this game Hiller got a VERY fast whistle on a puck that was still loose while Marty took this one against him – garbage) . Brunnstrom got his sixth goal of the season with the assists going to Ribs and The Cap’n . Mark Parrish took his first shot on the powerplay at Giguere as a Dallas Star and earned his first goal (and powerplay goal) as a Dallas Star all at the same time . Our Stars had a two nothing lead before Morrison managed to get what was called a goal . Kunitz hit Avery pretty hard and Daley decided to try to “defend his brother’s honour” . While I have to give you credit for wanting to help out , you have forgotten that you do not know how to fight , so please Daley , leave that kind of thing to Ott . He is such a nice young man . The period had ended with Our Stars on the powerplay . I thought that the ice looked very chewed up almost from the beginning . It looked like the ice does in the Islanders’ arena and that is a bad thing .
 The second period started out with Ribs assisting (if you were watching) what looked like both Avery and Parrish to score the same goal . They even played it in slow motion , but I could never tell who scored it . The NHL gave the goal to Parrish , but as long as it counted for Our Stars , I did not care who was credited with it . Sutherby’s attack on Boucher seemed pretty stupid to me . It seemed like Sutherby wanted to take out his frustrations and attacked Boucher . Scott Niedermayer fell over in his own zone and Mark Parrish skated up just as pretty as you please and hammered home his hat trick goal . That helped Giguere end his night of work since he was asked to leave the ice by his bosses and he was less than enthusiastic about having to be replaced in net . Poor Jonas Hiller took his place . I remembered at this point in the game that I really do hate Pronger . I hope somebody runs him over – preferably with heavy machinery – like a steamroller (in Austin Powers) . Pronger attacked Ott after he had said something to annoy him , but the funniest part was that Pronger got clocked pretty good by Ott before they were sent to their respective “timeouts” . The refs avoided the fighting call , but did give them both two for roughing . The play went back and forth for a while but eventually Marty was tackled and held down . That caused everybody on the ice to get together and exchange threats (I am sure) with each other . Marty and Selanne seemed to be ready to square off . I would have loved to see that . 

 Before the third period even started , Ott and Mr. Bad Porn Mustache were exchanging words . Much later Our Stars took a too many men penalty during an exceptionally ugly line change by both teams – to be honest , I think both teams were guilty of the same thing . Our Stars managed to kill off the penalty quite well . Mo went to the box a little later for high sticking and Perry shortened the powerplay by earning an interference penalty . The four on four ended uneventfully but Our Stars gained momentum . Ott , Daley , Eriksson and Richards attacked hard and they combined to make the score five to one . The Ducks attacked back with the help of uncalled penalties and Mo was called for chucking the puck out of play . Niedermayer tipped that prick Pronger’s shot just enough that Marty missed it and that made the score five to two . Petersen and Eriksson had a great attack on Hiller and he got a much faster whistle than I have seen in a long time – much faster than Marty got the whole game . What followed for the rest of the game was all dump and chase with a few needless penalties committed by both sides .

 This game was won by Our Stars because they did the little things correctly and they did the big things correctly . They won most of the little battles and they were there for Marty when he needed them to be there . Marty was a big part of this as well . One of the goals was good and the other , well , the whistle should have been blown much sooner .

 Trevor Daley must remember not to fight . He has been in several fights and does not look like he knows what to do when he does get in to them .

 Our defense looked much better out there . I am sure Zubov cursing at every defenseman on the bench for every little screw up in Russian probably had something to do with it . That or maybe it was his threats to feed players who screwed up to his pet alligator that was the most ‘motivating’ .

 I remembered how much I dislike the Anaheim Ducks this game . Do you think it is just coincidence that if you change one letter in their name it spells Anaheim Sucks ? It could not possibly be just coincidence .

 Before this game , I followed all of my hockey superstitions . I maybe made fun of , but it works . One Molson Canadian opened in just a specific way and only one each period seems to draw the most attention . It must be opened with the leaf bent from the middle of the bottom and opened very quickly so the top is not bent straight out to the side – I know it sounds weird , but Our Stars have near a 90% win ratio when it is done in just that specific fashion . Enough ‘weirdness’ , on to the STARS of the game .

 MY STARS of the game are ;
 1. Mark Parrish – He is a shoe-in for this with his hat trick , but that is not the only reason I give this to him . HE WENT TO THE NET !!! Few other Stars players will do that besides The Cap’n with any kind of regularity .
 2. Marty Turco – He played like he knows how to do and looked smart with the puck when he had it . He did not get too far out of the net and make me panic (except that once) . He also stopped all of the ones that were possible to stop . A redirect like the one from Niedermayer is damn near impossible to stop unless you are just lucky and the other one should not have counted .
 3. Brad Richards – He played well but I was more proud of Marty than Richards so he will just have to settle for the third star instead of the second . Did anybody see him come back on the ice after he scored ? I didn’t . I hope he skates against the Sharks – we will need him .
 4. Loui Eriksson and Fabian Brunnstrom – They both get an A for effort . They played hard .  Loui Eriksson has come a long way in advancing his skills both on offense and defense and Brunnstrom needs to learn to play defense and then he will be a truly great player .


~ by Adam on November 9, 2008.

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