It Is All My Fault

 I am the one who has caused Our Stars to perform poorly . As of this moment , Our Stars are 26th in the league with a record of 4-6-2 with a whopping 10 points . And it is all my fault . I swear I never thought that not paying attention to my superstitions could cause so many problems .

 You read correctly . I have not followed my hockey superstitions at all this season . And look at the result . I thought what I did would not matter but , clearly , it does matter . So , when I wake up on the day of the game against the Ducks , I promise to follow all my hockey superstitions .

 I will wake up and dress from left to right (left sock , right sock , left shoe , right shoe and so on) . I will make sure that I have three Molson Canadian beers to drink exactly one each period . I will wear a Dallas Stars T-shirt that I have not worn during a loss this season . I will make sure nobody in my home even touches the computer after the game starts . I will take a shower more than three hours before the game . I will have my green Minnesota North Stars hat on (never worn backwards-that is very bad luck) . I will not eat during the game . I will take notes on the game and record it at the same time . I will not smoke at all during the game (not even during intermissions) . And finally , I will shave more than three hours before the game starts .

 The sad thing is that these are not all of the superstitions , but I will follow them all . Since I have not followed any of them this season , I think it makes all the losses somehow my fault . If not all my fault , then at least partly my fault .
 I am not afraid to own up to the fact that I have not been doing what I am supposed to do as a fan . I just want to know how many other fans out there are not following their superstitions . I cannot have caused this much bad luck by myself .

 PLEASE ! If you are a fan and have not been following your superstitions , please follow them all on game day before Our Stars face the Ducks . With Lehtinen , Zubov and (as of yesterday) Mark Parrish playing in that game , we need to win and start a long winning streak .


~ by Adam on November 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “It Is All My Fault”

  1. I will! I’ll dig out my little flashing-star necklace and hang it in the den where I watch the game. I didn’t realize it was so powerful! So it’s not all your fault. Some of it’s mine.

  2. I don’t have any hockey superstitions. Does this mean I need to start some?

  3. YES !!! It can even be things that you just do normally . In fact that is what they are . For example ;
    Some players eat the same thing before each game because of the nutritional value . That turns into a superstition after doing for so long .
    Some players try to do the exact same things in the warm up before a game .
    These are pretty normal but here are worse ones ;
    Wayne Gretzky dressed left to right and no one could interrupt him
    Eddie Belfour would not allow ANYBODY to touch his equipment before the game
    There are many worse superstitions and I have aquired some of the more odd ones including the dressing from left to right and the odd one where I must shower and shave three or more hours before the game unless it is the playoffs and then I do not shave .

  4. Mine seem to be ‘phased’….but I can tell you that I was wearing my #16 tshirt last time they had a good game and won so I’ll be wearing it again tonight and EVERY game night if that is what it takes!! I will also sit in the same spot on the couch, drink from the same glass and be down right OCD about the whole thing cuz we need to muster up as much good mojo for the guys as we can!

    GO STARS!!! 🙂

  5. oh yes… Eddie is mega OCD about his game day rituals. Ahhh I miss Eddie! My daughter adores him! He’s one of her goalie heroes.

    He seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth though… 😦 I cant find any trace of him this season. Not in North America or in Europe. 😦

  6. I ha heard that he was going to play for a little team in the northern part of Scandinavia , but I could not even begin to guess whether it was Norway , Finland or Sweden . BUT that was last season (that is why I forgot) . I have no clue as to where he might be besides on the floor of some bar passed out .
    He did used to be good , but I think he caused too many problems in the dressing room and off the ice , so when he left , I was good with it . He will always be remembered for both the good and the bad .

  7. Ok now I am gonna have to throw down with you for dissin Eddie 😉

    Yes, I know all about Eddie’s off ice shenanigans and who could forget the classic mugshot when he was arrested here? Good stuff!

    Ok, now school is in session. Last season he played in Sweden for Leksand. He had a STELLAR season with a 251 minute shutout streak that set their club record, he set another club record with them for having 7 shutouts in one season and ended the regular season with a division leading GAA of 1.79 and SV% of .925. The people over there freakin LOVED him. Sadly, the plan was for him to just be there for one year to help get their young goalie ready to be their starter this season but he DOMINATED over there last season and with no reports of any off-ice issues with his team or anyone else.

    His son Dayn is also a goalie and is floating around the minors somewhere. He has played for Manitoba and Winkler but I’m not sure where he is now. Reports say he’s decent but not as good as Eddie but he’s still young and may likely be a late bloomer like his dad.

    Eddie had no dressing room/player issues here or in Toronto or Chicago (that I know of?) but I know he’s on the Shit List at the Shark Tank (but hello? who cares about SJ?? haha) and I really do not have any idea about how nicely he played with his mates while in Florida.

    This concludes Belfour 101 🙂

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