My First Stars’ Practice In Duncanville

 It was definitely not the same as the practices in Frisco , but it was certainly closer . I saved about an hour’s worth of drive time . I appreciate that greatly , even though I did not care for the autographing accommodations . At least I was able to have Stu and Robi sign my oldest daughter’s green Stars puck (I will turn her into a Stars fan yet – stupid Sharks) . She should be delighted .

 I had a good time and met with some really hockey smart people . I have not been able to make it out to any other practices yet because of my work schedule and I realized how much I missed the talking and the camaraderie of many other knowledgeable hockey fans in person . I really enjoyed my conversations and appreciated their thoughts . I would like to mention all of them , but I do not use names on my sites unless they are asked , and I did not ask . Some people may not like being linked to my sites at all . I cannot blame them .

 Our Dallas Stars ran through practice and worked on the things that they have been lacking (thus the word “practice”) .
  They ran through the following drills ;
     Attacks on the goalie against two players defended by either a forward or a defenseman
     One on one vs. goalie 
    Two defensemen and a goalie vs. two defensemen
    Defending to the outside of the rink 
    Possession entry into the offensive zone

 The younger players had to go through some puck handling exercises moving back and forth over the star at center ice from each point to the center of the star . Later they also had to do the equivalent of short wind sprints from the center ice line to the blue line (they may have been short “sprints” , but Tippett kept them going for a while) .

 Most of the time the drills looked decent , but they really did not look as sharp as they have in past practices that I have been able to attend . Their passing looked slack and in the defensive drills the players seemed to struggle a little bit . I was pleased that some of the players looked as though they were getting much better .

 Our goalies looked decent . Marty let a few past him , but fewer than he usually does in practice . Stephan allowed fewer goals against than Marty did . I am not suggesting that Marty should be the permanent back up , I was only pointing out what I witnessed .

 The practice was notably missing Modano , Richards , Zubov , Boucher and Lehtinen . Fistric , Neal and Connor , who have been assigned to the AHL , did not attend either for obvious reasons . Doug Janik was out on the ice and looked to be in good condition after that stray snapped stick caught him just below his eye . Rumour has it that Lehtinen and Zubov will both be returning to the ice and with the fact that Connor , Fistric and Neal were sent to the AHL , that seems to confirm that it is not much of a rumour and more of a fact .

  You may think I am wrong to go over the drills that they ran for fear that their opponents might think that they can find a weak spot in Our Stars’ game , but , honestly , I do not think anybody in the NHL pays any attention to either of the sites that I post my blog on , so I am pretty sure we are safe . If they do pay attention to my sites , I sure could use some “compensations” (ie: season tickets to Our Dallas Stars – hint – hint) . Do not misunderstand , I would never sell out to our opponents , I was just saying ……………..

 If you would like to see the few pictures that I took , you can look me up on MySpace . My user name is “Dallas Stars 24/7/365” .


~ by Adam on November 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “My First Stars’ Practice In Duncanville”

  1. I met you while at the D’ville practice. I told you I read your blog! It was cool to meet a fellow blogger! I was there with my daughter (who is a goalie) getting her first goalie stick signed.

    Cool North Stars hat btw…haha That sounds creepy in a blog comment, doesnt it? LOL

  2. btw…. my bf is the guy who was admiring your NS hat and you guys chatted a while about hockey in the Northwoods (WI) vs down here in TX and how TX has come a long way.

    (if that helps you remember who he is or who I am haha)

  3. I do remember who you are and I enjoyed talking the gentleman who liked my hat .
    I was very impressed and saddened by the difference in hockey from here in Texas as opposed to up there . I am glad that things for hockey have greatly improved here in Texas . I have loved the sport for as long as I knew what it was . Sadly , that was much later in life for me since when I was young there may have been one or two usable sheets of ice in ALL of North Texas and since local stations never played any sports that were not football , it was almost 1989 or 90 before I could start following the Sharks who were my favorite at the time . When Our Stars came down , all of my Sharks shirts and hats went out with the rest of the garbage . Now , sadly my oldest daughter likes them – I know , I know , I am a bad parent , but I am working on it .

  4. Yeah, you are gonna have to exercise the Shark demons from your child and get her converted pronto 😉 I can’t say too much, though, because my son is a….*hanging head* Red Wings fan. I know, I know… the horror. the shame. It is painful. 🙂

    I am from here too so I hear ya about the whole football thing. The first hockey team I recall being aware of when I was younger was the Philadelphia Flyers. I was SOOOOO glad when the Stars moved down here. I have been totally addicted since! 🙂

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