Stars Beaten Badly Yet Again

 I really do not think I have much to say about the game against Boston . I think these quotes taken directly from pretty much sum things up completely .

 “It’s been frustrating like this all year and we are just taking one step forward and one step back,” Robidas said. “Until we play together defensively, it’s going to be tough to snap out of this. We need to make sure we play consistently for 60 minutes every night, that’s all we can do. You lose games, you give goals and you get frustrated. Right now, we are not playing well enough for this organization.”


“Tonight, we were just stupid and it was one of the more embarrassing things I’ve seen, on the ice and with the fans,” said veteran Mike Modano , who was held off the scoresheet for the third straight game. “It got out of hand later, we blew it again and got ourselves into trouble. We took some dumb penalties and we are lacking mental toughness. We are spending more energy on the refs than on winning the game. You allow quality chances like we are and it doesn’t matter who is in net.”

 I really cannot say anything about this game that they did not other than all this losing is making me ill . If Our Stars cannot get their heads on straight , it will be a very long season . I need a drink . Where is my Molson Canadian ?
Is there any rum left ?


~ by Adam on November 2, 2008.

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