I Don’t Understand

 I just don’t understand . Our Stars started out against the Wild with the determination to win , and did . They scored first against the Chickenhawks , but they did not even come close to the game domination that we saw from them just two days before . Instead of seeing that team that played so well , we saw a team who again were making the same mistakes as they have been since pre-season .
 I know that we are missing some key players but we have been missing them for a while . I do not want to hear whining like “well we were missing Richards , Zubov , Lundqvist and Lehtinen . That is why we lost “. Well , that is wrong . Against the Wild we were missing Zubov and Lehtinen and Lundqvist was a healthy scratch . We were only missing Brad Richards . Do not tell me that he made Our Stars dominate the last game and nobody else helped out against the Wild . Missing one player should not have that kind of effect on the whole team (I say that but if you look up Our Stars’ record with Lehtinen in the line up and without him in the line up that is incredible . Our Stars win only one third of their games without Lehtinen) .

 Again , I say this loss was not about who did not skate , it was about who did not perform . Both goaltenders in this game were hung out to dry by the teams in front of them . The Chickenhawks did not play good defense either , they just had the puck in our zone all the time . Our Stars on the other hand , never possessed the puck (except for when Ribs , The Cap’n and Eriksson came over the boards) . When you do not have any control of the puck except for one line , it is not that hard for you opponent to figure out how to shut it down and win the game . And that is pretty well what happened . The Chickenhawks allowed Ribs plenty of time with the puck behind the net , but since nobody would or could go to the net , the Chickenhawks had almost no need to worry .

‘ “Our play with the puck wasn’t very good,” center Mike Modano said. “We are not coming up ice in-sync and making good passes. We are chasing from behind. We are having lots of breakdowns and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that many odd-man rushes against. We are over-pursuing and trying to do too much.” *'(direct quote taken from DallasStars.com) There was very little puck control by any Stars players except for The Cap’n , Ribs and Eriksson . As for being “in-sync”  , the huge amount of unforced turnover should be the biggest indicator on that . They did chase from behind the whole game . They played on their heels while trying to score the fourth goal before they had scored the third one . That many odd man rushes against has not been seen by anybody for a long time . The Chickenhawks had twelve – that’s right twelve – odd man rushes at Stephan . That was pathetic .

 I really think Mo’s comment pretty well sums things up . Our Stars just seemed like this game was the second of two back to back games , not the first of two back to back games . They seemed as though they were exhausted when the game started . It hurt me to watch my team back-peddle and get run over for most of the game . Even when Our Stars had the lead , they did not play a dominating game against the Chickenhawks . They really did not even play to survive . Our Stars almost never had possession of the puck .

 Craig Ludwig warned before the game that Our Stars had to shut down Toews , Kane and Campbell . Well , if it is any conciliation , they did keep Campbell and Toews off the score sheet . Oh , wait , uhhm , never mind that .

MY STARS of the game ;
1. Tobias Stephan – Despite the being beaten five times , he played excellent . He was just hung out to dry by his team and when he did get “help” often it was help being screened from the shot .
 2. Ribeiro , The Cap’n and Eriksson – They were the only line who consistently gave the Chickenhawks trouble .
 3. Steve Ott and Sean Avery – Both of them caused the Chickenhawks trouble but since they were without Richards , they could not live up to the role that they usually do with him there – but they tried .
 4. Mike Modano – He played well but the young players on his line just got run over by the Chickenhawks young players . He was back for puck support defending and played good offense despite not scoring .

 This Halloween night game might have been horrible , but at least I have candy now thanks to my children so it was not a total loss . Just the hockey game was .

  Can somebody please tell me WHERE THE HELL IS LEHTINEN ?!?!


~ by Adam on November 1, 2008.

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