That can be the only way to express how I felt after we played the New Jersey Devils . How else can you feel after being shut-out and completely shut-down ?

 I could complain about all the missed calls that were committed , but I really do not want to fill up all of the internet about calls not made . I do not think it would help .

 The fact is that Our Dallas Stars were simply out-played . Their goaltender played better than both of the ones we put in the game . Their forwards played better than our forwards did and most importantly , their defensemen played better than our defensemen did .

 I recall saying something about sewing up holes in the defense or they were going to get exploited (well , not in those exact words) . Well , guess what ? It happened , and we were absolutely schooled . 

 I really am depressed by this loss and the fact that this loss comes from a team with a Hall Of Fame bound goaltender does not make it any easier . Brodeur was only tested a few times . For him , I am sure that it was almost like having the night off .

 I just hope for better results in tonight’s game .

 The best three Stars of the game were (with honorary fourth Star) ;
 1. Sean Avery – One of only two Stars’ players who did not come out of the game as a minus player and he also never complained about being beat up on for crimes committed last season . Him being civil despite the attrocities committed against him was enough to earn the first spot here .
 2. Cap’n Morrow – He tried , he really did , but his defensemen just could not get their mess together even when they had help .
 3. Loui Eriksson – He had better scoring chances than almost anyone else , but just could not manage to beat Brodeur . He was also one of the two Stars who did not come out of this game as a minus player .
 4. Mike Modano – He tried his best as well , but the rest of the team (mainly the defense) was not on board the same boat .


~ by Adam on October 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Devastated”

  1. I am devastated too Adam. It is so hard to watch your team play like this. It really makes me feel sorry for the fans of teams that have losing records every year… well maybe I don’t feel sorry for them, but I realize it must be so hard to cheer for them every night.

    I don’t really agree with you picking Avery as the first star of the game. He was much more disciplined than I thought with all the stuff directed towards him. But other than that, he didn’t provide anything positive out on the ice. He skates around like a guy who just barely made the 4th line, not a player who’s making $4 million… but that’s just my opinion 🙂 I dislike Avery more than anyone else (well maybe not Brodeur) so my opinions of him are always a little biased.

    I hadn’t visited your blog in a while, it’s good to be back reading it 🙂 yay for some free time

  2. I appreciate your thoughts on Avery , and few people really like him . I do not like the guy’s attitude (most of the time , although it IS a lot like my own), but he did do very well to keep the stupidity under control with all the history that New Jersey has with him . To me , he was one of the few players who actually tried to PLAY (I emphasize PLAY) along like The Cap’n , Eriksson and Modano . While I agree with your assesment of his play (usually) he did better this game than he has in the recent past .
    I thank you for stopping by . I do not hear too much from other bloggers and I appreciate your insights . Though we may have differences of opinions , I still thank you for your thoughts .

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