Finally A Road Win

 We knew the win would come . There is no reason to worry . There never was , unless you are a Tampa Bay Lightning fan . They still have not won a game .
 We all knew that Our Stars would pull things together and get another win . The season was never over and now everybody can stop panicking . I was not panicking , but I was certainly unhappy with the losses and the way that they came .

 Our Stars won the game against the Rangers because they played better as time went on . They certainly did not have a great start when Eriksson took a hooking call on his first shift that resulted in the game’s first goal on the Rangers’ first shot from Marcus Naslund . Improving you play as the game progresses is a good thing , but I would like to see Our Stars “come out of the gate” looking to win the game instead of waiting to get things going .

 The face off win percentages for Our Stars were absolutely horrid . Only Richards managed to take that statistic over forty percent and , honestly , I think that was only repaired in the third period . If you want to win , you have to control the puck and that means winning faceoffs .

 Our Stars defensemen were not very solid in the beginning , but they improved and managed to hold things together despite allowing too many odd man rushes at Marty . This is something that must be addressed or it will lose them games . The Rangers’ forechecking was killing our defensemen . They struggled any time the Rangers pursued them . There were many times that the defensemen struggled to get the puck out of their own zone .

 To his credit , Marty played very solid . He took everything that the Rangers threw at him and he won Our Stars the game . Marty stopped twenty-nine shots and some of them were very high-quality scoring chances . Turco played like the first-class goaltender that he is .

 Our Stars forwards seemed to be trusting each other a little bit more than they have been in past games ,  and it showed . They were in their correct positions far more often than they have been in past games . This helped them tremendously , but there is still a ways to go . The Cap’n scored off a rebound from Brunnstrom’s shot , but if he had passed it to him it might have gotten there faster . I realize that a goal is a goal but if the rebound had not gone straight to The Cap’n , they would not have had a goal . I think players are still trying too hard to do things by themselves than to trust each other one hundred percent .

 Random thoughts ;

 I believe that Craig Ludwig hit the nail on the head when he said that Our Stars were playing better but there was still some room for improvement . I have already mentioned my concerns so I will not prattle on about the subject .

 I was very annoyed about all the hype about twins Joel and Henrik Lundqvist plkaying against each other . We all know that they are twins and that they both play hockey . I am jealous of both of them for their skill , but honestly big whoop ! We hear the same stuff EVERY TIME they “face” each other . So far , Joel has had only a handfull of shots (none in this game) against his twin and to my knowledge , no goals against him . LEAVE IT ALONE ! There MUST be something better to talk about .

 Before the game , I looked at the “clean” ice . I do not think I have ever seen a rougher looking sheet before . I hate to think what the players think of the ice . And why is it called Madison Square Garden when there is not only no garden , but the place is obviously ROUND ? What is that all about ?

 I was also pleased that Avery down played his first return to New York . It was a wise choice by him to keep things “nice” despite being antagonised by his former team on regular occasions . It looks like Dallas will be on the receiving end of a reformed , “nice” Sean Avery . That is kind of weird to think about , but our team does need him on the ice , not in the box .

 Modano called his goal “lucky” in an interview after the game . I do not agree with the goal being lucky , just the rebound , but then again , so many things in hockey can be contributed to “lucky” bounces . The shot , though , should be contributed to skill , not luck .

 Marty Turco said (on ,”It’s still only one game but it was a step in the right direction .” I agree totally . It was only one win but it was definitely a step in the right direction . Our Stars proved that they could close down a team who has been doing very well and do it on the road . This win should give them confidence enough that they should realise what they are capable of if they work together and do things as a team . Every player has to do their own specific job in order for Our Stars to win . No one person can win the game for any team no matter how good of a player he may be .

 Doug Janik did not skate because of the flying stick incident last game . I hope he is alright . Jere Lehtinen did not make the trip , so I will have to miss him for a little longer . Toby Petersen stayed in Dallas as well because his wife went into labour . What a cheesy excuse to miss a hockey game (just do NOT tell my wife I said that – she will hurt me) .

 My three STARS of the game ;
 1 Mike Modano – He really has been incredibly similar to the Mike Modano of old that we remember from “back in the day” .
 2 Marty Turco – He really stood up to a barrage of high quality attacks from the Rangers .
 3 Cap’n Morrow – He made an impact from his back on the game . It is important that he makes an impact because the team follows him . If he does not do well , neither does the team . 
 The honorary fourth STAR goes to Stephane Robidas – He takes everything that he is given and still does his best . He is the definition of a hard worker . I wanna be him when I grow up .


~ by Adam on October 21, 2008.

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