Disgusting Loss In St. Louis

 A six – one loss is a hard thing to take . Especially when most of the goals were soft ones or unassisted ones .

 You could almost tell it was going to be a long game when on the first shift Neal took an interference call when everyone was talking about the Blues (the “b” is silent) being seven for fourteen on the powerplay . It seems that they kept pretty close to that mark after this game .

 Tkachuk and McKee both scored unassisted goals off of terrible turnovers . Only then could Barch manage to tip Daley’s blast high enough to beat Legace .
 I will not go into too much detail on this game , because I am still so disappointed in Our Stars lack of effort .

 Our Stars did not have good positioning on the ice and they had lots of puck errors . The shots that Our Stars were taking , were not quality scoring chances and Legace saw all of them coming . Turco was continually screened and with poor choices in front of him , he could not have been prepared for , he allowed far too many goals . 

 Our Stars displayed a lack of work effort . They wanted to attack before they thought about defending or clearing the puck out of their own zone . Every Stars player was looking at each other like it was not their faults . They seemed to be blaming each other , but not themselves . News flash : Hockey is a TEAM sport . It is everybody’s fault .

 Our Stars made terrible turnovers and it showed with three unassisted goals from the Blues and soft goals as well . Their coverage on the Blues players was attrocious and their was no containment on them at all . It seemed as though they wanted to get run over . 

 While there were break downs in the defensive zones , there were also many miscues and poor passes in the offensive zone as well .

 No , Turco did not play like the top goalie that he is but the rest of the team did not play as well as they could have either , so do not blame it all on him . He just gets an equal share of the blame like everyone else .

 I am obviously upset about the game , but nowhere near as upset as Tippett was or is . In the interview after the game , it was easily to see he was beyond pissed off . And rightfully so . There was an awful lot of standing around and looking to others to make a play .

 Cap’n Morrow stepped up after the game and took his share of the blame for the loss. I just hope he can have more of a presence on the ice next game than he did this game . Other than his time in the box , I do not recall anybody saying his name in a positive way at all .

 After this terrible game , only one of two things can happen . Our Stars can shape up and get their thier stuff together or they can continue to struggle . I personally hope they see this blow-out as a wake up call and get it together .

 MY three STARS of the game are :
 1 Krys Barch – He scored the only Stars goal
 2  Toby Petersen – He continued to try hard when it looked like all the rest of Our Stars had given up .
 3 Trevor Daley and Fabian Brunnstrom – Daley got the assist and took the shot that Barch tipped in and Brunnstrom still tried hard even when nobody else was even breathing hard on the bench .

 This game was a disaster . Where is my rum ?


~ by Adam on October 17, 2008.

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