Trashville’s Loss , Our Points

 Before this game , Razor and Ralph were talking about all of Our Stars’ injured players . On that list were Ott , Lehtinen , Zubov and Ribeiro was supposed to be questionable to play . They also pointed out that Fabian Brunnstrom was going to make his NHL debut as a Dallas Star and talked about how he had shopped around the league for a place he wanted to play . After this game , I believe he has a home here but I will not get ahead of myself just yet .

 The first period started out with pushing and shoving in front of Marty Turco . This was a good omen for me . Last game , our defensemen allowed all kinds of people in Marty’s crease and did little to deter anyone from being there .  Neal , Modano and Crombeen started the game with a good attack . Brunnstrom had his first chance to score with help from Avery but they could not capitalize just yet . Our Stars first powerplay would have netted them a goal , but Hamhuis shoved The Cap’n into Ellis for a goaltender interference call and waved off Eriksson’s goal . Crying shame that was . Our Stars really built up momentum and kept Trashville out of their zone for extended amounts of time . Later on in the period , Our Stars went on the powerplay for a hold committed by Weber and Robi scores right off the faceoff . Ribs won the faceoff , passed it to Mo . Mo passed it to Robi , Robi hit net . Bing , bang , boom . It was definitely a great way to end the period . Our Stars were harder on the puck from the first faceoff than they have been in the last two games . They also had more meaningful and smart hitting than they had in those previous games . Once the period had ended , my wife asked me why Eriksson’s goal was dis-allowed . I explained it to her and she was absolutely livid . I agreed with what she had to say (obviously) and I was happy to notice that , against her will , she has become a smart hockey fan . At first , she did not seem to like hockey at all but now she has been reformed . Now if I could just get her to like Star Wars ……….

 The second showed that Neal , Crombeen and Mo still wanted their names on the scoresheets for more than penalties . They had a fast and hard attack that put Modano’s name on the scoresheet by earning his first goal of the season . The pressure continued from Our Stars until The Cap’n was called for elbowing . Trashville manages to score after disabling Niskanen with the puck and Bonk’s incredibly lucky tip-in . What followed that could only be defined as fast back and forth attacks for both teams . Trashville again lucks out on a shot that bounces down off the bottom of Robi’s knee pad and manages to slip through Marty’s five hole to give Trashville the tying goal . Less than twenty seconds later , The Cap’n took a holding call but Eriksson and Eriksson did not mind and both had great short handed chances . It was a shame they could not manage to beat Ellis , though . Trashville’s powerplay did not even manage one shot on goal . When that ended , Petersen did all the hard work to get Brunnstrom his first career goal . Crombeeen , Neal and Mo came back on the ice and just had their way with the Trashville players until their line changed , and then Trashville scored . Avery , Richards and Brunnstrom seemed to take exception to this and they work the boards and Avery and Richards set up Brunnstrom for his second career goal . After this high scoring period , Razor interviewed Fabian Brunnstrom . I could tell by my wife’s giggling next to me on the couch that she had found a new boyfriend . Sorry Connor , looks like you and me both are out now . Wanna play canasta ?

 The third period looked like both teams were a little slower , but nothing near as bad as the last third period that Our Stars played . Their first powerplay this period showed lots of good puck cycling , but it , sadly , did not earn them any more goals despite excellent chances . When Neal was called for boarding , it looked like Trashville had the upper hand with the player numbers tilted their way , but this was definitely not the case . Our Stars had more shots on goal until near the end of the penalty when Petersen took an elbowing call . When the game play went back to five on four Our Stars picked up attacking where they left off . Mo , Richards and The Cap’n had great chances WITH NUMBERS in Trashville’s zone . I was unsure of who was really on the powerplay . Weber took an interference call and probably saved a goal on one of those attacks by Mo and Richards . Our Stars looked good on the powerplay until Avery fanned on a shot and Robi took a holding call . Niskanen saved a powerplay goal when Marty was stretched out the other way to make another play but it did not help when Trashville shot again and somehow a puck under Marty’s arm (and never looked like it could have even come close) was called a goal . I was angry about that for a while , but now I am almost over it . After The Cap’n , Ribs and Eriksson have a very hard attack on net , Trashville begins their famous “tripping , hooking and interference without a penalty”  routine . I will never know how they get away with that stuff in long streaks like that . Grossman , Richards and Brunnstrom seemed annoyed as well and they hammer in Brunnstrom’s first career hattrick goal . What a way to make your NHL debut ! Trashville attacked back , but still could not manage a “clean” goal against Turco . With only a little bit of time left on the clock , the refs call what I saw as a really poor icing call . When play resumed Trashville’s net was still minus one Dan Ellis . The Cap’n manages to free the puck and get it to Mo who shoots it from inside his own blueline and gets the empty net goal to finish off Trashville .

 This game was a good one despite the score of four to six . Marty was beaten on shots that should not have gone in (or been called in) . The score credited Trashville with a little too much .
 I was very pleased at how Modano looked and played . He looked , just like Razor said in the post-game interview , ten years younger . Mo even admitted that “those young guys rub off on me” . That is a very good thing .
 I was pleased to see Our Stars clearing out the Trashville players in front of the net more often and hounding the puck harder . Almost all of our players rushed the net .
 I am extreemely happy that Brunnstrom earned his first hattrick . He joins a very small group of people who scored a hattrick in their first rookie game with two other players . While Brunnstrom’s hattrick is definitely a notable thing , the most important things he did from what I saw , was the fact that he wanted the puck , did not panic with it and he would actually go to the net unlike so many of our other players . I think that besides him , only The Cap’n seems willing to do that .

 The three stars of the game were picked by Tracy Myers of the Fort Worth Star Telegram . I disagree with her and in fact , I plan to add her (if she is not already there) to “MY Most Hated” page . All she does is listen to others and repeat what she hears . We do not need a parrot , we need an intelligent individual who knows something besides player’s cup sizes (oooooo – I didn’t go there , did I ?)  .
 MY three STARS of the game are ;
 1 Fabian Brunnstrom – First NHL game , first hattrick , how could he NOT be the first star ? It looks like all the hype about him is not that far off the mark .
 2 Mike Modano – He looked great out there – better than he has in a long time and he had the points to match 
 3 Myers chose Erat , but if she wanted to pick on points she should have chosen a player who was a plus instead of a minus with the same amount of points like maybe Ryan Jones (1 goal , 1 assist and +2) . I digress . Sorry .
 3 Brad Richards – this one was tough since so many other Stars players worked very hard . Crombeen , Petersen , Ribeiro and The Cap’n all worked very hard and could have all gotten this award . Aw , what the hell , this is my site , so I give them ALL the third star of the game award . Share you guys . And if I have to stop this car and pull over because you are fighting over the award ……..


~ by Adam on October 16, 2008.

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