Ugly Loss In Trashville

 As most of you know , I am running a bit behind on my blogs . First it was a lack of time , yesterday , I lost my internet connection for no apparent reason , so I apologize yet again , but here is the blog for Saturday’s game at Trashville .

 Before the game even started , I thought , and so did Razor, that this was going to be a penalty filled night with fighting . With the history of dislike of these teams for each other and then you take into account that Jordin Tootoo Steve Ott , Sean Avery and Kris Barch were all suited up to play , it was almost certain that the price of admission was going to be for more than the hockey because , after all , the boxing is free .
 I also noticed that before the game that Barry Trotz looks insanely like those trolls that we had when we were kids . You know , the ones with pink , blue , green or purple hair that stood straight up . Well , his hair is obviously not the part that reminds me of them , but I think that if he did have hair like that , they would look nearly identical . I know it is wrong to make fun of someone’s physical appearances but when the cheap shots are the only ones you can afford , I say take ’em .

 The game started out rather badly . Our Stars had a defensive breakdown almost immediately and Trashville scored their first goal in the first forty-six seconds . The Stars got their head on straight and mounted an attack about a minute and a half later that netted Trevor Daley his second goal in two games (wow ! That makes him the hottest player on the team) . As soon as Daley scored , he felt he needed a ” timeout” and was sent to the box for holding . Trashville begins attacking Our Stars and the only one who seemed to be our savior was Marty . Highsticks and hooks and elbows were thrown around for a while but went pretty well uncalled for a while Petersen had a decent chance on Ellis , but nothing he could not brush aside . Our Stars went on the powerplay after Suter took a tripping call . The resulting powerplay was horrid . Trashville had more shots at Marty than we had at Ellis . Tootoo and Marty exchanged unpleasantries after Tootoo probably gave Marty a little more word in Marty’s ear than he wanted and the bedlam ensued . Ott and Daley went over to shove Tootoo around until the refs peeled Ott and Tootoo apart , meanwhile Crombeen and DeVries paired off and Avery and Hamhuis decided to start their own disagreement after those two had started . After they had sorted out all the penalty minutes for the mutual expressions of love Avery and Hamhuis ended up being ejected for fighting after the first tussle of Crombeen and DeVries . Ott and Tootoo were only penalised for roughing with Ott receiving the double minor for “sticking up” for Turco who had thrown his stick on the ice in Tootoo’s direction . Avery was rescued from a Trashville female fan who was bitching at him like the white trash that she was when he was escorted out of the box and off the ice . I was not pleased with any of the players’ collective behavior during any of this . It would not have started if Turco had not seemingly overreacted . I do understand his frustration , though . The resulting penalty kill after all that mess was not terrible until Fistric took a hooking call for a nine second five on three for Trashville . The nine seconds ended without a Trashville goal , but it did not take long after that for Arnott to score his first goal of the night and give Trashville the lead . For the rest of the period , Ellis was only challenged by a weird angle stuff attempt by Eriksson and a good blast from The Cap’n . Turco , on the other hand was suffering all kinds of problems . Nobody would clear his crease and at one point had two Preds in his crease with him . That really annoyed me . Our Stars could not gain entry into the offensive zone and Trashville had no problem getting at Turco for most of the period .

 The second period started looking a bit more promising . Richards took two good shots that Ellis , again , denied . When Ellis took a hooking call , I was certain that Eriksson and Modano were certain to score on their great chances but it was not to be . The former Dallas Stars , Dan Ellis , kept his net free of all pucks . When Mo fanned on a shot , Trashville had a great short handed chance and the Ribs missed a pass and the exact same thing happened again , only this time Robidas took a tripping penalty to “save” the goal . The Cap’n had a good chance on Ellis , then Arnott turned right back around and almost got one past Turco again . Marty kept making big saves while the team in front of him seemed to be standing around for the majority of the time . Our Stars get their things together a little and mount a solid attack that might have amounted to more if Mo , Lundqvist and Eriksson had not all three fanned on their respective shots . Marty got way out of his net to play the puck and almost was scored on but that “go ahead goal” did not make it past him (yet) . Our Stars continued to struggle with the puck . Not only with their shots , but with exits from their own zone , but with the little individual battles along the boards as well . Mo and Crombeen combined for another very close “almost” . Nichol crashed into Turco and earns Our Stars yet another powerplay that they failed to capitalize on . Mo did have a good chance but it still was not good enough to beat Ellis . Our Stars could only manage brief attacks in this period and were not playing at their top level . They looked rusty and unsure of themselves . Their passes were easily picked off and they never seemed to be able to do all the little things correctly . Robi mentioned the lack of work ethic in his brief interview in between periods . Boucher agreed with of his assessment of the work ethic in the game recap on

 The third period showing a very tired team . They were still displaying difficulty exiting their own zone and losing puck battles . The Cap’n and Ribs had a good solid attack , but they just could not get the shot off fast enough to beat Ellis . Shortly after that , Ribs was called for slashing . The Trashville powerplay ended after a nasty scrum on Turco’s doorstep . Thankfully , the win was still in reach at this point . Our Stars started to get things together and began to punish Tootoo at every opportunity . Our Stars received yet another powerplay , but they never even managed to get set up . Mo had a solid chance , but when Ott was called for highsticking , Arnott scored the game’s final goal after being allowed to hang out in the crease as much as he wanted . Tippett decided to pull Marty with a minute and forty left on the clock , but it never helped despite the only real puck cycling Our Stars managed the entire game .

 I was less than pleased with this game . Obviously . Our Stars were not bad , they just were not doing all the little things that win games . Examples of this are 
  1 They allowed somebody to be parked in Turco’s crease damn near the entire game .
  2  Only The Cap’n would go to the net in front of Ellis (I thought we addressed this problem last game – for that matter – didn’t we address this last season ?!?!
  3 Where was the powerplay ?
  4 Marty could have shot more so that somebody was taking shots at Ellis . 

 Our Stars look rusty and must clean things up and play better . I am not freaking out . We do have young and new players and I have a lot of hope for James Neal in specific . Our Stars just need to get their heads on straight and get their minds right before the game so they can do well during the game .

 MY three STARS of the game were ;
  1 Marty Turco – He kept Our Stars in the game longer than it seemed that anybody else wanted to be in it .
  2 The Cap’n – He always works hard .
  3 Trevor Daley – Goals in back to back games makes him hotter than all of our forwards . 
 Let us all hope that the next game brings Our Stars more than one stinking point .


~ by Adam on October 14, 2008.

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