Edmonton 3 , Stars 2

 Not exactly the happy ending that I was looking for in the pre-season , but at least we can hope that the losing is all out of their system . The game went down pretty much like this ;

 I thought things started out well when Joel Lundqvist had the first shot on goal of the game on his first shift until Cogliano scored on the Oilers first shot . Then , I was far less than pleased . A very short time later Crombeen and Strudwick decided to “fight” . I was disappointed in it since it seemed to be more of Crombeenholding on for dear life to a guy who was connecting punches to his helmet . After their shenanigans were finished with , Otthad a beautiful chance to score but his stick was lifted just enough so that he could not connect with the puck to put it in a yawning net on the opposite side of where Garon was . The Oilers attacked again and Robidas panicked and committed a hook that the refs caught . The first minute of the penalty kill looked good , but after an additional thirty seconds of well controlled puck movement by the Oilers was all it took for them to beat Turco for a second time in the game . The Cap’n and Lundqvist came out on their respective shifts and started hitting like they were supposed to to raise the energy level for their team . It helped . Crombeen scored off a faceoff shortly after those two got the idea to raise the energy level for the team . Boucher (that’s right , Boucher) and Barch also earned their first assists of the pre-season . Three minutes later , Sheldon Souray went to the box for roughing and thirty – two seconds later Robi makes them pay for it by tying the score at two . After the goal , Gagnergets called for hooking and despite good puck cycling in the Oiler’s zone , Our Stars came up empty . The first period showed good attacks by both teams and despite being out-shot eight to fifteen , the Oilerswere still tied at two with Our Stars .

 The second period was not even one minute old when Ales Hemski was called for high-sticking Joel Lundqvist . It was just a damn shame that Our Stars were unable to capitalize on it . Hemski left the box and almost immediately goes back in for hooking , still no powerplay goal for Our Stars . Our Stars were apparently as frustrated as I was because they had a mad attack at the 13:25 mark . It was just a shame that they could not beat Garon . Richards was called for hooking after he was tripped down to the ice , but the refs did not see that . Nooo , they did not see that . The Oilers were allowed plenty of time with the puck in our zone on the resulting powerplay, but thankfully , they were not rewarded with a goal . As soon as their powerplay ended , Ribeiro danced past everyone of the Oilers to sneak a shot off at Garon . Grebeshkov panicked when he was beaten and committed a hook to stop Ribs . That earned Our Stars yet another powerplay . Lundqvist , Ottand Richards came out with some good powerplay time that was followed up by Ribs , Crombeen and The Cap’n who also had a good shift , but still no goal . Even James Neal had a god chance on Garon , but he just could not be beaten . Boucher and Cole had back to back penalties that almost negated each other and forced four on four hockey for three seconds shy of of the entire two minute penalties .
 The third period began with both teams having solid attacks . Unfortunately the Oilers had a better attack at the five minute and forty – seven second mark when Strudwick scored on a well screened Marty Turco to make the score three to two . The Oilers kept up their possession of the puck after the score until Dustin Penner took a hooking call . The Cap’n , Ribs and Brunnstrom had a good shift on the powerplay with lots of puck movement but no goal . Cogliano committed a highsticking penalty and Our Stars were right back on the powerplay . Neal , Ribs and Richards did well on that powerplay to dominate puck time , but they could not beat Garon or even manage to screen him . Near the end of the third , Our Stars finally start to control play and they spent longer in the Oiler’s zone . With one minute left Marty took the bench , but it still was not enough . The Oilers shrugged off Our Stars attacks and held on to the lead for the win .

 Pre-Season Complaints ;

 Our Stars did not play this game very well . Far too many passes were fumbled and looked sloppy . It was almost as if they have not made passes to each other before .
 Our Stars failed to have any kind of checking game at all . If they had managed to get some kind of checking going , then maybe the results would have been a little more positive .
 Our Stars out-shot the Oilers by a massive forty-one to fourteen but it still did not translate to the scoreboard . It was not the quantity of the shots that the Oilers took at Marty , it was the fact that the Oilers seemed more determined to block shots and not allow Our Stars to screen Garon . To be honest , Turco has not looked like he has been on top of his game this preseason . I do not know if he does not take it seriously or if it is simply the players playing in front of him , but he just has not appeared as sharp as we all know he can be .

 Our Stars did not break up the Oilers cross-ice passes as often as they should have . The seemed to be playing “puck-aside” defense and kept forgetting to cover the player on the weak side who was often open . While Turco did make some good saves , Our defensive corps need , no , HAVE to cut off those kinds of passes and break up those plays or the outcome of each game will continue to be unpleasant for Our Stars .

 The offensive lines and the defensive pairings for the game were as follows ;

 Richards , Lundqvist and Eriksson
 Crombeen , Ott and Barch (that line just has fighting major written all over it)
 The Cap’n , Ribs and Connor
 Modano , Neal and Brunnstrom
 Grossman and Robidas
 Niskanen and Daley
 Boucher and Doug Janik

 I was pleased to see Boucher back on the ice and on the score sheet with an assist , but I am still concerned that Jere Lehtinen only played in one game this whole preseason . Oddly enough , the only game Lehtinen played in this preseason was also Our Stars only preseason won . That was against the Blues in the AAC on the 27th of September . So far , Our Stars are zero for six without Lehtinen in the lineup and one for one with him in the lineup . Do you think there is a hidden message in that ?


~ by Adam on October 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Edmonton 3 , Stars 2”

  1. Oh, please, remember THIS WAS A PRESEASON GAME. Yes, we would have ALL loved to see them win a few of these but maybe they are trying to fool the teams into believing they have lost their mojo from last season. The preseason games last year went down pretty much the same way. And Marty, well he was just being Marty. You never know which one you will get at any given time. He seems to have no mid-point and is either very intense and very good or very sloppy and seems to sleep while the pucks just glide past him. The question is, which one will show up Friday, as well as the rest of the season.

    I am not too concerned about the lack of enthusiasm the Stars demonstrated during this preseason and at times it looked like they were very confused on the ice but, like I said, it is/was preseason. The thing that does concern me is that there are still fans that have, for the most part, paid money to see a descent hockey game and they have not had that. My second concern is the power play and the PK, or lack thereof. Those two elements of their game need some serious work and re-evaluation.

    I am looking forward to the season opener and I hope we see the “REAL” Dallas Stars team show up and all of our major pieces/players will be in place (except Zubie). It IS TIME to go to work boys and show that you are the team that will be on top when all the dust settles. GO STARS!!

  2. You are right about the powerplay and the penalty kill . I have not been impressed with that at all this preseason .
    I DO realize it has been just preseason but I would like to see a few games won – and NO , I am not freaking out . It is only time to freak out when or if your team was in the Bolts’ position during the last three games of the last season . Then freaking out doesn’t help but crying might . hahahaha

  3. I’m hoping when they settle on some lines for a little while they can firm up their play when they get more aclimated to each other again. I know that we are dealing with Tipp here so that might not happen.

    I’m not too worried about Marty. Quite frankly, I think he doesn’t like to use up too much energy on games that don’t count. When you have to play with the intensity that he does, can’t say that I blame him too much.

    I’m with y’all on the PP and PK. I was having flashbacks to last March. Not pretty. Still I’m hoping it’s just a need for more practice together and not the absence of a certain assistant coach.

    I sure hope Lehts comes back soon, too. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that they did better with him there. But of course it was the only game I attended as well. Double coincidence? I don’t think so…

    So who do you think they’ll keep? I’m leaning toward Crombeen.

  4. I vote that they will keep Crombeen , Brunnstrom and Neal . At least until Lehtinen gets healthy . Neal seems like a no brainer even if he does not seem to want to pass the puck but , by the same token , he did dance past several players going into the zone – come to think of it , so did Connor .
    Yes , I think we all might be surprised with who will be on the roster “permanently” – especially with Tipp’s ADD with his offensive lines .

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