Better Nate Than Lever – No Wait – I Misspelled That

 Yes , I have been away . It was unavoidable , though . I had somewhat of an emergency at my job , so I apologize for my absence so early in the pre-season . It is unfortunate to have to catch up in my blogging in this fashion , but again , better late , than never .

 Saturday September 28th, Our Stars won against St. Louis by a score of four to two . Our Stars finally dressed almost all of their top players that we expect to see this season with regularity . James Neal and B.J. Crombeen both showcased their skills in this win , despite the fact that they may not even have a roster spot secured . 
 Sunday September 28th in Chicago , Our Stars did not fair as well . They lost by a score of three to four . Our Stars , again , did not have most of their top forwards dressed for the event . Our Stars would probably have had a better chance at winning if they had not gotten themselves into such huge penalty trouble . Somehow ,  that always seems to happen when Steve Ott has played this pre-season . I have nothing against Steve Ott, but he has gotten into a tussle with the opponent every game he has played it seems .

 Either way , win or lose , it is only pre-season and Tippett is only trying to choose his final roster of players instead of trying to win every single game . I just personally hope that Our Stars get all their losing out of their system before the real season starts .

 Tampa Bay , on the other hand , has continued to dress all of their top players and it has payed off with wins (although it is possible that it could also pay out injuries to their top players before the season even starts) .
 The Bolts won both of their games (both at their home and in New York) against the Rangers In Tampa , they won by a score of three to two . In their game in New York they won by a score of four to two . In both games their newest addition , Steve Stamkos , has impressed people and earned his place on the scoresheet for his positive contributions to his new team . He even had a multi-assist night in one of the two games . The Bolts should feel proud to have gotten such a great talent on their team . I just wonder if they realize that they have to play defense as well as offense .
 After those two wins , the Bolts started off their European tour . On the 28th they played in Germany against Eisbaren Berlin (which translates to “The Berlin Polar Bears”) and won by a score of four to one . Olaf Kolzig was pleased to play against his former team .
 On Tuesday the 30th the Bolts play HC Slovan Bratislava in Slovakia . The team did the NHL thing and had an autograph almost as soon as they arrived for the NHL fans there . I am sure that if they play all their top forwards like they have been , they will certainly come out on top in this contest .

 Again , I apologize for my absencefrom the hockey world , but sometimes it is unavoidable . With any luck , I will not have any more problems like I did at my job .


~ by Adam on September 30, 2008.

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