Stars Lose Second Pre-Season Game 4 – 2

 Thursday night , Our Dallas Stars played their first game at home (pre-season games still count as games) . It was just a shame they lost to the Avalanche by a score of four to two .  I was lucky enough that I was able to go out to watch this game . I was very excited to go , but apparently I was not in the majority . The AAC was probably about forty percent empty even though the ticket office said they sold to three quarters of capacity . If they did sell that many tickets , not everybody came . I was sad that so few people showed up to see hockey . Pre-season or not , it still beats out watching a stupid sport like football . Hopefully the next game on Saturday will have more people show up .

 The game started with many of Our Dallas Stars players not dressed for the game . Modano , Lehtinen , Connor , Crombeen , Eriksson , Ott , Richards , Daley , and obviously Zubov and Boucher did not skate . Despite missing lots of players , the new guys did not perform badly – well , at least not until the third period anyway .
 The first period went pretty well . Our Stars had good rotation and puck cycling in the Avs’ zone . The Avs could not get any kind of sustained pressure on Our Stars at all . Brunnstrom and the Cap’n combined  to assist Ribeiro for his first pre-season goal . After a nasty and sloppy turn over off to Marty’s right , Brian Wilsie picked it up and scored the tying goal . A very short time later there was an enormous scramble in front of Marty that had more than a few of us fans holding our breaths . Thankfully Marty stood up to the mess and the Avs were sent away empty handed . Following that little bit of excitement for Colorado , Our Stars went on a five on three powerplay after a hooking and a holding call filled up the Avs penalty box . Despite being up by two players , Our Stars could not capitalize . During a nice bit of action in the Colorado zone , Raymond Sawada had a gaping empty net , but fanned on it .
 The second period did not exactly start the way any Stars fan wanted it to because less than a minute in Ryan Smyth scored on Turco to give the Avs the lead . James Neal saw this and decided to try to run a play himself . He charged in and undressed two forwards and two defensemen before having his shot blocked and the rebound slip away . After that , Nolan Pratt and Brunnstrom took successive penalties that handicapped Our Stars ability to attack the net . That almost did not matter when James Neal charged in and attempted to earn Our Stars the first short handed tally of the season . While that shot was not meant to go in , Ribeiro and Brunnstrom set up The Cap’n , that was meant to go in . And it did . When the period ended , I felt pretty positive about Our Stars chances to win because the Avs never could get any kind of sustained pressure in either the first or second period . They could not seem to get the puck into Our Stars’ zone at all . It was almost as if our blueline was an invisible brick wall for the Avs players  .
 The newbie Matt Climie started in goal for Our Stars in the third . Climie did well despite relentless attacks on him from the Avs . Only when a Fistric committed a delay of game penalty giving the Avs a powerplay did the Avs manage to beat Climie . As time passed , the Avs committed several other penalties and gave Our Stars many powerplays that were all thwarted by a failure to be able to complete a pass . They were plagued with poor passing and failure to even cross the blueline to get a sustained attack . The Avs however , had none of the problems that they had earlier in the game . When there was a minute left on the clock , Climie skated off to the bench . While Our Stars did manage a decent attack , with less than fifteen seconds left , Hendricks managed to get free of Our Stars attacks and toss the puck into the empty net .

 Shots From The Point ;

 I was less than pleased that we had a empty net goal scored on us but the first period and second period were very good . Our Stars played well in the first and second periods but their passing was rusty and that gave way to the massive amounts of turnovers in the third .
 I was pleased that the new guys look like they have the ability to grow and do better . I DO hope that Tippett finds the proper homes or roster spots for these players .
 I was very pleased that Ribs earned the first star of the game while The Cap’n earned the third star of the game . 
 It was good to make it out to a game . I may not get to go to many this season and it was wonderful smell that “hockey” smell , hear the swish of the skates and hear the guys being smashed into the boards . I have missed hockey badly .


~ by Adam on September 26, 2008.

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