Young and New Stars Learn They Need The “Old” Guys Too .

 Tuesday night , Our Dallas Stars lost their first pre-season game to the Blues three to two . After seeing who did and did not go on the trip for Our Stars and who did play for the Blues , I am hardly surprised with the outcome of the game .

 Our Dallas Stars would have won if they had brought along half of the amount of the seasoned veterans that the Blues suited up . The Blues top players were ; Keith Tkuchuk , Lee Stempniak , Barret Jackman , Andy McDonald , Cam Janssen and Manny Legacy . Our top players who did not dress (or even make the trip to St. Louis) were ; Turco , Modano , Lehtinen , Robidas , Ribeiro , Cap’n Morrow , and obviously Zubov and Boucher . While the Blues did dress their top players against our young and new guys , our young and new guys almost came through with the win . I am not upset by the loss at all . I think it shows that once Tippett figures out who he wants where , we should have a pretty solid team . With an almost win against veterans with young and new players , Our Dallas Stars season looks very bright .

 The game had alot of penalty minutes handed out . Our Stars were gifted sixty – six penalty minutes and the Blues were gifted with fifty – one minutes . The majority of the penalty minutes were handed out for nice penalties such as fighting , roughing or unsportamanlike conduct . I am not surprised with the penalty minute total and if you are and you knew Ott , Avery and Barch were going to be on the same team , let me know who you are and I will be sure to make fun of you for not knowing better . Yes , Our Stars will be runners up behind the Flyers for the penalty minute championship this season unless of course Chris Pronger gets penalized for being a prick , then the Ducks will beat out EVERYBODY by a VERY large margin . 
 The Blues have apparently signed Brad Winchester this season . He did play last night . I find that hilarious . Now another team besides Our Stars and the Ducks will find out that he cannot hit an empty net from the bottom of the face-off circle . Winchester cannot fight either . Every fight he got into last season , he lost . I hope the Blues enjoy their brand new salary drain . I should try to get on a NHL team if all the skills you need are the ability to skate and the ability to make a pass . I can get paid thousands to miss the net with every shot (even in practice) and make passes decently well .

 Loui Eriksson and Sean Avery scored the two goals for Our Dallas Stars . Oddly the goal by Avery was scored at the same time he took a roughing and a game misconduct . Ott also took a fighting and an unsportsmanlike conduct at the same time . I would have loved to see this game . 

 Only Niskanen and Avery ended the game with a positive +/- rating .

 This game may not have been a win , but in my mind , it does show that the guys we had there could have won if they had a few more “bounces” go their way . That is a positive thing especially since they are a new group together and they have alot to learn . I am looking forward to the regular season .


~ by Adam on September 24, 2008.

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