Training Camp : Day Two

 I was actually able to find the time to go out to Our Dallas Stars’ training camp for the second day . I did not expect to have enough time off for it . I am very pleased to say that it went well (despite being forced to leave early because my children could not take it much longer – I should have sent them across the street to Chuck E. Cheese’s) .

  I was also lucky enough that Myra and David caught me before I was forced to leave earlier than I wanted to . I just wish they had recognized us sooner . Either way , I am just happy that I was able to meet them .

 Myra did her job as a blogger and remembered her note pad where as I , having spent more time getting children ready , forgot to bring mine . She had some very good thoughts on the potential new players . You should definitely check out what she has to say about them . Her site is linked here as Laughs 2 Loud .

 One thing is certain about this season’s team , there will be alot of new names on the roster . Do not think that I am freaking out with all the new names , I am simply hoping that the new names will bring new impact players .

 With Stu Barnes now on the sidelines and no Miettinen , Hagman , Jokinen or Halpern (no Halpern for Tampa either , by the way) , the team needs new impact players . Myra had good things to say about Wathier and a few others .

 My only real picks of who I want to succeed are that I want to see Crombeen , Fortunus , Vishnevskiy and Pushkarev . I really liked what I saw from those guys . I realize they may not make it on the team immediately , but I would not be surprised at all if they showed up later on the season .

 I know I have not been around , but until things get really going , I usually do not have much that does not sound like what others have already said . I DO NOT want to sound like Tracy Meyers of the Ft. Worth Star Telegram . I cannot stand her .Oh , and on a side note , as far as (Tampa) Baywatch goes , their training camp has also started and they have had two or three fights in training camp and most of that in one day  .  I did not think it was wise to beat up your own team’s players , but hey , what do I know ?


~ by Adam on September 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Training Camp : Day Two”

  1. Yeah, I wish I had put two and two, or in this case Lehtinen and Robidas jerseys, together sooner! Definitley let us know the next time, our girl can help out with your girls and we can watch hockey! Thanks for giving my site a mention. Boy, you made it sound like I actually know something about hockey, no pressure, dude.

  2. You DO know something about hockey . Just because you are “new” to the sport does not mean you know nothing .
    Being a “new fan” just means that you have new ideas and fresh insights .
    Besides , you are not a rookie to the sport this season and you do your homework on your team and many others .
    Knowledge and showing that you have knowledge goes a long way .

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