My short vacation is over

 After some time off out of state , I have returned with a few thoughts on the recent events in the hockey world and for Our Dallas Stars in particular .

 Detroit Red Wings obviously signed Marion Hossa . This did not come as much of a surprise to me , I really expected to see it happen . Granted , I am less than pleased about it and I would have much rather seen him sign with Our Stars , but Hull and Jackson cannot afford to pay what they would have to with a seven million dollar a season assist man on the roster . 

 The Tampa Bay Lightning are looking to make a big change in their finish from dead-last place from last season with all the talent they are hoarding . Adding Gary Roberts , Ryan Craig , Matt Carle , Adam Hall , Ryan Malone , Radim Vrbata and draft picks for the next two seasons is certainly a way to rebuild a failing club despite losing a rather bitter Dan Boyle .

 Our Dallas Stars look to be doing close to nothing despite signing Loui Eriksson , Fracis Wathier , Brandon (B.J.) Crombeen , Maxime Fortunus , Trevor Daley (re-signed) , Garrett Stafford , Landon Wilson and Konstantin Pushkarev . I was pleased to see the re-signing of Daley and Crombeen . Keeping Pushkarev was a crucial thing that had to be done . I was not pleased to see that Sean Avery had been signed . I will allow him to flounder out on his own before I say too many negative things about him , though .
 Our Stars needed to sign players who can play well and I ho0pe that the management’s choices are not regretable ones .
 The loss of Niklas Hagman will be felt more strongly than the management thinks . Yes , he was not the best player on our team , but he always gave his best even when others did not . I am less than pleased with his move to Toronto , but I still wish him the best of luck with their re-building efforts up there .
 I wish Mattias Norstrom all the best in his retirement in Sweden . He does need to take care of his family first and having special needs children , stability and two parents is sometimes the best thing kids can have .
 Still no word on Stu Barnes , though . That sucks .
The exodus from Pittsburg has probably crippled their chances for winning The Cup any time soon (especially with Hossa’s decision to go to the already powerful Red Wings ) . When they gambled the farm on trade day and lost it in the playoffs they ruined themselves except for the few big names they have left . They will still be a good team , but like Our Dallas Stars , unless they get some other solid players (and there are few or none left) they will amount to little more than a first round exit from the playoffs , if they manage to get that far .

 I am interested in seeing your thoughts on the trades and signings . Leave me a comment .


~ by Adam on July 6, 2008.

7 Responses to “My short vacation is over”

  1. We must remember we had a great group at the end of the season that finished in the final four. I don’t think the loss of Norstrom will change anything but I do, like you, think the loss of Nik will be strongly felt. He had his ups and downs in his scoring but no one can say he was anything but a hard worker. If we lose Stu the loss of Nik will be felt twice over. As far as Avery, if he stays healthy he will make us a good addition. Hopefully Jack/Hull will keep a tight reign on him and his antics although I don’t think anyone can stop him completely. Sean can score and he can also run interference and make openings for our other scorers. The deed is done so let’s just see how it plays out. I feel that Nisky and Fistric will be even better this year since having had the playoff experience.

    What I am excited about is getting Brunnstrom and Sawada here. Hopefully all the hype about them will be correct. Brunnstrom was supposed to come to the rookie camp this week but I heard that he is not coming due to some things he had to take care of at home. That is not the best of starts but we will give him one, this time. Sawada is supposed to be at camp and everything I have read about him has been positive. So, if those two pan out our outlook should be pretty optimistic. We won’t know until we get to see them play but as well as the team played last season with as many injuries as they had…..AGAIN……, and throwing a little of this and a little of that together to make a team was very encouraging, especially for a team that no one thought would even make it to the playoffs.

    My main concern now, as it was for the previous two years, is goalie. Marty MUST continue his performance like he had in the playoffs. We just can’t have those little brain freezes that he is so famous for. I believe that Stephen will make a great back-up for Marty but I wish he had a little more size on him and a bit more experience. All in all I am excited about the year and hope that we will all think positive thoughts about our Stars. If the teamwork comes together like it did last season they will be just fine. (Afterthought: I would feel a lot better if we had Hossa, Orpik, Redden and Boyle on the team. I wish I knew how certain teams were able to afford so many high priced players.)

  2. Well said , or rather well written .

    Your insights to the kids in rookie camp are encouraging .

    We did have a good team at the end of the season , but now we have lost what seems to me to be too many forwards . We were down too many when they traded off two forwards for one last season . We need to balance the team again with quality forwards and not just whoever shows up .

    I too like Tobias Stephan (spelling?) . I do think he will make a great back up for Turco . I think he would be even better after a season behind Turco . Two seasons behind Turco AND Smitty produced Dan Ellis , so waiting in line is not a bad thing . Starting a few games here and there would be a good thing for him , too .

  3. Your spelling of Stephan was correct. I was talking about Marty and his brain freezes and I guess I just had one.

  4. Hey Adam, I was beginning to wonder if we needed to send a search party out for you. Glad you are back!

    I haven’t had a chance to read up on Tampa Bay but boy, they sure were hoarding forwards. What is up with that? Their defence was terrible and they are loading up on forwards? I also heard a rumor that they were shopping Smitty? I’m stunned.

    You’re doing better than I on Avery. I just don’t see how he is going to mesh with this group. But hopefully, falling into the great black hole that is Dallas hockey media coverage will help tone him down. Caitlin is afraid it will just make him be even crazier. If I had to answer to guys like Morrow, Zubov and Robidas, I think I would tone it down! If he can play hard in front of the net and lose the craziness then I will be happy.

    I agree with you on Hagman, I think he is going to be missed more than everyone seems to think. He was probably the hardest one for me to see go. I just can’t help but believe that he is going to get even better. But what do I know! 😛

    The husband is taking Friday off and we are all going to watch the skills competition. Kid and I are going to see if we can catch tomorrow morning’s session. And so another season begins!

  5. I am not a fan of Avery’s behavior on the ice . I am proud of his attitude off ice though . He pretty much tells everybody how it is and does not appologize for it . In that way , he and I are very similiar . No matter who he has to answer to for his actions , he will probably not bother to tone things down . Like you , I think if anything , he will get worse . BUT , we will see . I think if he causes problems , it will be a good test for Tippett’s coaching skills .
    Oh , and let me know how the skills competition goes on Friday , please .

  6. Dude, you are way more genuine than Avery ever thought about being. Avery’s off-ice persona comes across as very calculated to me, kind of the Jerry Jones-Any-Publicity-Is-Good-Publicity type of act. I hope Tippett and the Stars’ PR Department are up to the challenge! I’ve actually started my own blog, scary. You can see my comments on Camp and the Skills Competition over there.

    I’m just getting started, so be nice!

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