…. And So It Ends …..

 ……at least for this season of Dallas Stars hockey .
 I cannot say that this season has been a bad season despite losing to the Wings in the conference finals . This season may have ended on a sour , lack-luster performance but as I recall twenty-eight other teams have already had bad endings to their seasons and one more is yet to come (and hopefully it will be the Pens going home crying).
 When Our Dallas Stars beat Anaheim in the first round , I was not surprised (even though it seemed to surprise most of the rest of the hockey world) . They are a part of The Pacific Division and Our Stars knew what to expect and how to play them and win . The same went for the San Jose Sharks . When you see a team all the time , you should be able to counter-act their weapons and win . Our Stars did just that . They played them like they were the division rivals that they are , and they won . Our Stars only failed when they came up against an opponent who they were not as familiar with . They knew the Red Wings , but they did not know them well enough that they could beat them consistently in the regular season or in the playoffs .
 This season’s Dallas Stars were a team of momentum . When they had it , they were unstoppable (except for that now infamous game against the Kings) . When they did not have the momentum swinging their way , they could not find a way to get anything going . Proof of this is in a month long winning streak and a month long losing streak . When Our Stars had the first goal of the game allowed against them in game six with the Wings , it was almost a clan-destined loss . Bounces and all the little things had to go Our Stars’ way , or they would not win . All the bounces and the little things did not go their way and you know the unfortunate result . The Red Wings were the stronger team and they won . They had proven that they did not need momentum to win . They also showed that if they played Our Stars’ style of game , that they would lose . That may be of little comfort to know , but it is the truth .
 Our Dallas Stars proved this season that they were a great team . They also proved that they had trouble adapting to different styles of gameplay . When they were unfamiliar with an opponent , they struggled . The series with the Wings and their games against some Eastern Conference opponents proved that .
  Good things did come from this season when so many young defensemen stepped in for their injured veterans . Once the now famous “Richards Trade” happened , it left Our Stars short on forwards . Crombeen , Petersen , and Lundqvist proved (some of them for the second time) that they , too , could play hockey at a great level of play . I just hope that in the off-season that the co-GM’s address that and bolster the lines a bit more .

 I sure will miss hockey for the next few months but I DAMN sure don’t miss my playoff beard .

 I want to thank everyone out there for loving Our Dallas Stars as much as I do and for following them all season . Thank you fans , and thank you Dallas Stars for a great season of hockey . It was truly wonderful .
 Let’s all wish the Red Wings good luck when they play the Penguins .

P.S.: I will still be blogging in the off-season as things develop for Our Stars . I cannot be gottten rid of that easily .


~ by Adam on May 20, 2008.

One Response to “…. And So It Ends …..”

  1. It was a sad day, but there wasn’t going to be any beating of Detroit, at least not this year. Not by any team. I think the Stars were at their peak against the Ducks, then San Jose was so equal to them that it took everything they could muster to win. And it spent them. There was nothing left in the tank. I’m surprised they did the two game turnaround. At least that gives them something to build off of. And, Morrow proved he is worthy to wear the C and took away any doubts as to who’s team it is.

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