Ladies and Gentlemen , I Give You … MARTY TURCO !

 In his first PROFESSIONAL win in the Joe Lewis Arena , Marty Turco absolutely shined . I am very proud of him . Earning an assist while making thirty-eight saves , is certainly nothing to laugh off . World class goalies can do this and that is why Turco could do it and look sharp doing it . He did so many things well in game five that the Wings could not compensate for him . Marty took the puck when he could and made long passes forward . By playing the puck , he trapped the Wings’ players and helped to burn the Wings just like he scorched the Ducks . 
 Game five was a great showing by Toby Petersen , Joel Lundqvist and Loui Eriksson as well . With Lundqvist obviously scoring the winning goal (assisted by Turco) , this line was a shoe-in for the best line on the ice despite the Wings lines having much more experience . When they came over the boards , they caused problems for the Wings . If they were in their own zone , they cleared the zone and went on the attack . If they were in the Wings’ zone , they continued great pressure . I am very glad that Tippett finally found a line he actually wants to keep together that clicks . It really speaks volumes about these three guys playing so well together in the playoffs , especially since those three have less experience in the playoffs combined than most of the Wings’ defensemen do in their individual careers . Go add up all those statistics again and see if statistics are really what matters in the playoffs . Those three guys proved that statistics do not matter for anything in the playoffs .
 The Dallas Stars played fabulous as a team . That is what they excel at . Each and every player did their own jobs and supported their teammates . When they do that they win . This Dallas Stars team is not like the 1999 Stanley Cup winning team because of their lack of renowned players . Sure , they have great players who are known around the league as good players , but their roster is not packed with Brett Hulls , Joe Nieuwendyks or Pat Verbeeks . They all have their own individual jobs to do and while they are not separately sparkling diamonds , as a team , when they combine , they are . Even though they have fought through losses of players that have made an impact , they have had players step forward to take their place and excel in the absence of their missing players . Boucher has been out for what seems like forever , Zubov missed a ton of games , Lehtinen is out with a lower body injury and Stu Barnes is still out with concussion like symptoms . Each time Our Stars have suffered a loss of a player , someone different has stepped forward . Robidas , The Cap’n , Ott and Hagman , just to name a few , have had career years in the absence of other players . This is why Our Stars can still come back and win this series despite being in a very deep hole .
 The commentators in the game even said that somebody forgot to tell The Stars that they were out of the series . It seems that the Wings already thought that they were , as well . The Wings were not playing like they were in the first three games . They were absolutely mauling Our Stars . Now that Our Stars have gotten their game together , they really do have a chance to win this series . I think it is ironic that everyone but true Stars fans had already counted Our Stars out .
 The commentators that called this game managed to somehow get on my last nerves . They had nothing but praise to give to the Wings and very few compliments to Our Dallas Stars , and even those were rare and only directed at Turco . They even called Tippett “that coach from Dallas” . I find that rather ironic especially since he is definitely NOT from Dallas , he is Canadian (even though we have accepted him as our own) . I wish there were decent commentators out there besides Ralph and Razor . I hate it when they are not calling the game .
 The Wings played well but not good enough to win . They have the ability to win , as we all well know , but I think that they were actually surprised that Our Stars came out determined to win . When Holmstrom took his roughing penalty for hitting a Stars’ player on the bench , it betrayed the frustration that all of the Wings’ players shared . The Wings appeared more like the desperate team than Our Stars did . They seemed to have more miscues and fouled up passes than Our Stars did . The Wings had ten give aways where Our Stars had only five . The Wings certainly gave out their fair share of hits , but that physical style of play does not seem to suit them as well as it does Our Stars . The Wings may have out shot Our Stars , but shots on goal do not matter nearly as much as the number of pucks that end up behind the opposing goaltender . The team with the better goaltender and better defense usually wins .  It seems to me that Our Stars are making the Wings play their kind of game instead of allowing the Wings to dictate the game like they did in the first three games .
 I am not all about loving a penalty filled game , but those referees allowed an awful amount of penalties to go uncalled . My wife and I caught about fifteen penalties that should have been called but the offender went free (most of them occured in the first period) . Those calls were not only committed by the Wings , but by Our stars as well . I like good clean hockey and for the game to be called evenly . Since the powerplays and penalties ended up relatively even , I am a little more satisfied than I would have been if the calls had all gone one way or the other very lopsidedly . I am glad that the game was not decided on penalties . I know that this is contradictory , but I hate too many calls being made . I just want a clean game played by the players in the playoffs . The refs do not have anything to do with that . The players do .
 This game was Marty Turco’s . He got the “he can’t win at the Joe” monkey off his back . That makes all the difference in the world . He truly earned his first star of the game (and the kiss on the mask from Trevor Daley he always gets when they win) . Daley’s kiss maybe a wierd superstition , but if you read my blogs regularly , you know I have stranger superstitions , so I guess I cannot really talk .
  I am also very proud of Our Stars coming together as the team that we all knew that they could be . I still believe that they can come back and add their names to the list of teams who came back to win the series after being down by three games in a series .
 Maybe the undeserving Flyers can do it , too . We will see about that though . I have far less faith in the Flyers than I do in My Dallas Stars .


~ by Adam on May 18, 2008.

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