Thank The Hockey Gods !

 Dear Hockey Gods ,
             Thank you so very much for giving The Dallas Stars Hockey Club a break in game four of their series against the Detroit Red Wings . All of us Dallas Stars fans down here really appreciate how you finally allowed The Dallas Stars to get bounces in their favor . They have been struggling against the Red Wings and I am positive the Dallas Stars players appreciate your smiling on them . They have worked very hard this season and I believed that they deserved a better fate than to be swept in the Western Conference Finals . Thank you for agreeing with my thoughts on that matter . 
                                                                Thank you again ,
                                                                   Forever a hockey fan

P.S.: Please allow The Dallas Stars to continue to win and advance to play for your Sacred Cup .

 Now that you have all seen my thank you prayer to the hockey gods , I expect to hear that others of you Stars fans out there have made a similar prayer .

 Game four in this series showed that Our Dallas Stars came ready to play and were very determined to win . The Wings on the other hand played just like Razor said , “like a team who was leading the series three to none .” The most ironic thing about the game was that by the time the Red Wings decided to do anything about it , it was already too late . I realize that in hockey , it is almost never too late . I (just like you) have seen games won or lost with fewer than twenty seconds left on the clock . I even remember a game won in the last TWO seconds ! The Wings allowed Our Stars to get momentum going when they came out and counted on Our Stars lying down to die . They did not do any such thing . Instead , they rallied .
 I am so proud of Our Stars . They did what they had to do and they played like the team that I know that they are . They played hard , they played smart , and most importantly , they played like they had nothing to lose . They did have a lot to lose . They may have lost a ton of pride in themselves if they had allowed a sweep . I know I would have been distraught and sulky for weeks (ask my poor wife if you do not believe me) .
 The bounces went Our Stars way . When the Wings had the goal waved off , it evened out the goal in the other game that Our Stars had no chance of recovering from , and then some . Karma , kids , what comes around goes around . Even though it may not have been what was thought as the correct call , it made much more difference in this game than the other would have ever made . 
 Our Stars’ powerplay was not the greatest ever , but they finally managed to put up points after a very , very long dry spell . Going one for four on the powerplay against the Wings is something to be proud of . Earning the goal was wonderful and it proved that the amount of shots on goal does not matter nearly as much as the amount of pucks that come to rest behind the opponents’ goaltender . I was a little disappointed that they only took three shots on goal on the powerplay , but since one of those three went in , complaining would seem an awful lot like being given a brand new Lamborghini and refusing to take it because it is not the colour that you wanted . I am happy with what we got .
 Marty Turco played excellent . He was the main beneficiary of the hockey gods smiling on Our Dallas Stars . There were a few times that I was sure the Wings were going to bury one past him , but he came up big with the help of a few very fortunate “bounces” and his defensemen . It seemed that in this game Our Stars remembered that “pack mentality” means supporting the rest of your teammates and sticking together . Turco made saves in this game that he was not making in the other three games and it made a huge difference . Thank you Marty . Hook us up next game as well . We promise to stop feeding your children all the chocolate they can eat before you get to the house if you win the next four for us .
 Despite being the only Dallas Stars’ player to end the game as a minus player , Toby Petersen played a great game . If there was an award for the fourth star , Razor and I both would have given it to him . He and his linemates were consistently creating opportunities inside the Wings’ offensive zone . I like the idea of having Petersen , Lundqvist and Eriksson together . After all , they have all played together in Iowa and they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses as few others would . Knowledge like that is invaluable . I think Petersen and Lundqvist should both be kept out of Iowa . We need them here . Are you listening Tippett ?
 Niklas Hagman played a great game . He had the fire in his skates unlike the last few games . He has almost always seemed to have an extra gear that few other players have . This game , he showed it and even though he did not show up on the scoresheet , he should have . He was making plays and doing things that he struggled with getting done in the three previous games .
 Brenden Morrow . What can I possibly say about The Cap’n that has not already been said ? Probably nothing . He IS the leader of this team and a damn fine one , at that . Four penalty minutes , blocked two shots , a game leading seven take aways , and four (qualifying) hits shows that he wants to win and is not afraid to do the grunt work . He can , and does , do it all . He was one of very , very few players in the league in the regular season who had over a hundred penalty minutes and over twenty goals . The best part about The Cap’n is that I really do not believe that he has reached his full potential yet . Scary thought , isn’t it ?
 Mike Modano earned his third star of the game . It is good to see him back “on the trot” again . I have noticed that when he goes to the sin bin in a game , Our Stars win almost a seventy-five percent of their games . I may be wrong and please correct me if I am , but I like those odds , even if I do not like the manner in which those odds seem to be generated .
 Loui Eriksson is finally coming back out . I thought he was hiding for a few games with the rest of the team . I am pleased that he and the rest of the team decided to come out of their “standing and watching mode” (although they did have a few of those moments in this game , they were far less frequent than in previous games) . At the beginning of this season , Eriksson seemed about as useful as a sack of wooden nickels , and I said as much . Over the course of this season , he has become much better of a player . I truly believe that his main problem earlier in the season was due to a lack of confidence . He should have no such issues now . 
 Sergei Zubov finally seemed like himself . He played his normal fabulous Zubov-ian type game play that only he can play . While Our Stars have proven that they can win without him firing on all cylinders or even without him at all , it is much easier to win when he is one hundred percent on . In this game , he finally seemed to be back . Thank you for getting back to your old self .

 This win was the product of many things . The Stars did their separate jobs to the best of their individual abilities and the Wings did not (even Norstrom -the five million dollar pylon- played well). When Our Stars do their best , they can win and we all know it . They beat the “Defending Stanley Cup Champion” Anaheim Ducks and the heavily prophesied to win this year’s Stanley Cup , San Jose Sharks . That is proof that they are a good team and a team to be reckoned with . I am proud that they came through with the win the way that they did .
 I do realize that this win was only one of the needed four wins to advance , but it was very important to win this one game and not just for the afore-mentioned embarrassment factor . Confidence in themselves has now been restored . They must focus on the next game and realize that they can win and now , they have proof that they can . All they have to do now is apply their knowledge and skills and get the job done .

   I still “BELIEVE” .


~ by Adam on May 15, 2008.

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