Being Down Three Games To None Hurts

 It makes Our Stars look really bad and kind of embarrasses me . I know Our Stars are disappointed and embarrassed as well .
 I watched this game on Vs. but (like always) I cannot stand their commentators and their incessant praise of the Red Wings , so I had our local radio station on for their commentary . I was still annoyed by Vs. in the fact that all they wanted to show at the AAC were Wings fans that showed up to the AAC before the game .
 Our Dallas Stars really took one in the chin with this loss . They did play their type of game for part of the first period and forced the Wings to go along with it . And Our Stars were doing well . At least until Datsuk scored his second goal of the night less than thirty-seven seconds after Our Stars tied things at one a piece . After that , Our Stars went into what looked like a panic mode . Their desperation was plain . When Richards scored to tie things at two , Our Stars had hope , but it was crushed when Hudler scored when our defensemen attempted to change and left him wide open for his breakaway goal . Zetterberg’s goal and Datsuk’s hattrick goal just iced the Wings’ cake .
 Our Stars did have a chance to win . They simply allowed the Wings to dictate the style of play and that cost them the game . When Our Stars were playing their type of game (although that time was short) , they were doing well . Once Our Stars went into a panic mode , they started making elementary mistakes . Those mistakes cost Our Stars a game they could not afford to lose . Too often , Our Stars were caught with their guard down .
 Despite the amount of powerplay time Our Stars had , they could not capitalize on any of them . If anything , their powerplay looked weaker than when they were even strength . Having no powerplay to speak of is not a good thing . I am not sure on this , but I believe that Our Stars have only scored two powerplay goals against the Wings this entire series , despite having far more opportunities . The shorthanded goals have been coming in droves for the Wings against the Stars . Allowing shorthanded markers is no way to win . Far more penalties were earned by the Wings than they were called for , but it really mattered little . The Wings have proven that they are just as dangerous to Our Stars without a man as they are full strength .
Losing Stu Barnes and Jere Lehtinen definitely hurt Our Stars . They were already at a disadvantage as it was . Losing your best defensive forwards is no way to stave off a powerful offense . I know that it is not their faults , but losing them certainly did not help Our Stars’ cause .
 Marty Turco has not played his best against the Wings . I do not buy into the fact that he just cannot beat the Wings , I do think that the team in front of him lets him down more often against the Wings . Turco does have to answer breakaway chances and , so far , he has not done that .
 Our Stars’ margins for error have evaporated with this loss . If they want to win this series they cannot make any mistakes from here on out . I know that the odds are stacked against them in a huge way , but even if they do not win this series , they at least need to win one stinking game against them . I would hate for Our Stars to get swept .
 While Our Stars did not make horrid mistakes or even countless amounts of mistakes , they were made to pay for every single one they did make . The Wings capitalized on many of those elementary mistakes and have done so every single game in this series .

Personal note ;
 I just don’t understand . I followed every single hockey superstition I have . I dressed from left to right , dusted my barstool autographed by the entire team (even though it may not have needed it) , drank one Molson Canadian each period , wore a shirt that Our Stars win when I wear , allowed no one to interrupt the game , I showered before the game , I wore a good luck shirt to work , and I did not turn on my computer (that generates enormous amounts of bad luck) . I did everything I could do to help Our Stars win , short of making burnt offerings to the hockey gods (which my wife no longer allows) . I just hope and pray that Our Stars do everything they can do to win .
 All I want is Our Stars to win . No less , no more .


~ by Adam on May 14, 2008.

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