Mother’s Day Hockey Blog

 Due to circumstances beyond my control , I am exceptionally short on time to blog about game two in Detroit . I will touch on just a few things , since I am still very opinionated . 
 Thank the hockey gods that Our Dallas Stars actually showed up to play instead of just skate (or stand as the case was) . I was relieved that they actually looked like they wanted to attempt to win . I was still disappointed that they lost . I cannot believe that they played to the best of their ability , though . The Stars did not get to where they are by being a sorry team . Only the Flyers and the Bolts can claim that . I have faith that they can pull things together and win . I know it sounds cheesy , but I will not give up on my team no matter how bad it may look . Besides , it is called a series for a reason . “It ain’t over ’til it’s over , and it ain’t over .”
 The garbage that ensued after the game was over was just that . Garbage . Osgood claimed hitting Ribeiro in the face with his stick was an accident and then after taking Ribeiro’s stick squarely in the chest PADS , he falls to the ice seeming as if he were dying . His stick end hitting Ribeiro’s face MIGHT have been an accident , but when Ribs retaliated and Osgood threw himself to the ice , he lost all credibility with me . Especially once the replay made it VERY clear that Ribs’s stick hit nothing but pads . If it had hit his neck , like I had originally thought , then I could have seen how his reaction would have been called for , but it was not . It was simply acting . He gets the Oscar for that . To be fair , when I thought that Ribs’s stick had hit Osgood’s throat , I was outraged , probably just as much as any Red Wings fan (it shames me to have anything in common with any Wings fan , though – except for the love of hockey) .
 I still have hope for Our Dallas Stars no matter how they sit in the series . I will always love my team .

 On a side note ;
  It is hard medicine to take looking at my Dallas Stars calendar that hangs next to my computer . Jeff Halpern (in the ’06 -’07 uniform) is the player for the month of May . Not only is he “owned” by the Bolts , he will not be playing until February of next year because of the recent injury to his knee . I hated my calendar last month as well , because Jussi Jokinen (in the ’06 -’07 uniform) was that month’s player . Talk about taking a bitter pill …………..


~ by Adam on May 11, 2008.

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