Conference Finals or Pre-Season ?

 To tell the truth , the game looked more like a pre-season game .
 Our Dallas Stars got plowed under in their first game of the conference finals . By Coach Tippett’s own words , “We did a lot of standing ” and “we were not at the level that we needed to be .” I could not agree more . Our Stars need to be on top of things instead of chasing things . Chasing the Wings is what they did all season . They do not need to continue that trend in this series .
 Our Stars were destroyed in the face off circle with a thirty-eight win percentage . Since the Wings are a puck possession team , that is a terrible thing . The Wings dominated this game in every way imaginable . They tore up Our Stars and made them look like they still had not settled on which players from the junior leagues they wanted to play . After the first period ended , I almost wanted to turn the game off . I was appalled .
 Our Stars did seem to do far too much standing , and they did seem to just be amazed at how good the Wings were playing . Every mistake Our Stars made , no matter how small , the Wings were there to capitalize on it . There were far too many miscues and unforced turnovers . Their positioning was equally terrible .
 I will not argue the third goal being allowed despite the rule about opposing team’s players being in the blue paint when the goal was scored or even the exceptionally weak roughing call that put the Wings on a five on three powerplay . I will not argue those calls because , I cannot say that it would have helped Our Stars to play any better . Maybe if they had come out onto the ice looking determined to win , it might have mattered then , but it certainly did not matter when Our Stars performed so poorly .
 Our Stars looked terribly rusty as if they had not played in weeks . I know that they may have still been tired , but they cannot be anything but determined and focused for a game against an opponent who plays so well . This game looked like the first game in the series with the Sharks . Our Stars did not look ready to play and the Wings capitalized on that mistake , unlike the Sharks . Turco stole that game , but Marty , The Cap’n and Brad Richards cannot win the game all by themselves .
 This was the hardest game I can ever remember watching . Normally , I love watching my team play but I had to force myself to watch this game . I think it would have helped if it looked like Our Stars had managed to generate more than what seemed like three or four good shifts . Please do not misunderstand me , I love my team , but it is hard to watch your favorite team get so thoroughly whipped .
  Sadly , I think Razor was right when he said that the only thing good about the game was that Our Stars could not play worse and that they could only get better . I hope so . I hope that Our Stars recorded this game so that they can look back at it and say , “This is what NOT to do . Let’s fix it .” I have faith that they can . They definitely need to have a good second game in this series so that their confidence level can be raised back up .
 Stephane Robidas said , “I know we can play better.” and I know they can , too . I just hope that they remember that . And soon .


~ by Adam on May 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “Conference Finals or Pre-Season ?”

  1. Please do not misunderstand me , I love my team , but it is hard to watch your favorite team get so thoroughly whipped .

    I understand what you mean. It’s almost like you feel you are watching something you aren’t supposed to, like watching a fellow employee getting yelled at.

    I know they can play better, too, which kinda makes me feel a little better. If they had played their best and got whipped that badly, it would be grim in deed. They can do better. They know what they are up against and what they need to do, hopefully, they can just do it, NOW.

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  3. You said it well. Dallas, whether from fatigue or something else, just wasn’t there. To compete with Detroit they will need to be on top of their game, make no mistakes, and force Detroit to make the errors. Even then it will be tough. But it can be done!

    Great blog, btw, glad I found it!

  4. Thanks A Million Tony !
    You should really check out all the other blog sites on my blogroll . The ladies who run Hockey Coma , The Shootout and Untypical Girls actually inspired me to start this site . I owe them huge !

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