Sharks Get Win For Early Christmas Gift From Refs

 What a crock . I cannot believe that the refs and the guys in Toronto both made such stupid and poor decisions . They absolutely gave the Sharks the win when they waved off The Cap’n’s goal that they called kicked in . There was ABSOLUTELY NO KICKING MOTION ! He was stopping in the crease and only remotely aware of where the puck MIGHT be . For crying out loud he was not even looking in the direction of the puck . They did make the correct call on his other waved off goal , but The Cap’n was crosschecked in the back when it bounced off of his glove . If he had had the space , he might have been able to do something with the puck , but with being crosschecked in the back , he had no way to move the puck to a playable position . And , of course , the crosscheck went uncalled .
 After the first period , I had already realized the the officiating was going south at a rapid pace . Countless penalties went uncalled that were committed by both teams . The thing that frustrates me the most about how this game was called was that penalties have been called against The Stars that the Sharks have done AND BEEN ALLOWED TO DO ! That holds true not just for this game but for the whole series . It seems like the NHL is doing their best to make sure that all those fools who predicted the Sharks to win The Cup look good instead of giving their opponents a real chance .
 Everybody knows that the NHL has their favorite teams that they want to win . I just wish my team was one of the NHL’s favorite so they would be able to upset other teams without earned goals being waved off .
 In a world where things were done right , Washington would have made it to the second round and Our Dallas Stars would be playing the Detroit Dead Things two days from now instead of the stupid Sharks . If the Dallas Stars end up losing this series because of this game , I will be soooooooo far beyond angry .
 Thank you NHL . Two words ; thrown game .


~ by Adam on May 3, 2008.

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