Turnovers Plague Stars In Loss To Sharks

 In case you had not heard , Our Dallas Stars did not manage to sweep the Sharks . I really did not expect or really want Our Stars to sweep the series .
  I know this will sound odd , but I do not like the thought of a sweep , as wonderful as it might have been . I think that if Our Stars had swept the series , they could have been too over confident despite their down to earth approach over the last series and this one . Over confidence against their next opponent (most likely the Dead Things) could spell the end of their playoff run . Our Dallas Stars seemed to be a bit rusty in the first game of this series against the Sharks and it could spell disaster if they went into the next round with that little bit of rust in their game when they play the Detroit Dead Things (let’s be honest , the Avs are facing an almost impossible challenge to dig themselves out of a three game hole) . I have confidence in Our Dallas Stars that they will eventually will beat out the Sharks , this last game was a simple theft of a game . Marty Turco was quoted on the Sharks’ website as saying , “Back to back was tough on both clubs . But I don’t think we ever thought we were going to win four straight against these guys . We just didn’t have the magic tonight .”
 It was the turnovers that destroyed the game for Our Dallas Stars . They suffered from twenty-five give aways , but the Sharks suffered from twenty . Two turnovers , one by each team , were costly on the scoresheet . Marleau and Lehtinen scored directly off of turnovers . Accidents happen but Our Stars must clean them up if they want to take out the Sharks and move on to the next round .
 Very much like the first game in this series , the winning team stole the game from the losing  team . The Sharks were out-played . Our Stars had momentum despite a terrible first period full of penalties . Our Stars need to clean up their gameplay so they are not giving up so many powerplay chances to the Sharks . Brenden Morrow was quoted on the Sharks’ website as saying , ” Our discipline was one of our keys to success and we lost it tonight . We put together some good shifts but it’s tough to gain momentum when you are killing penalties that often .” Our Stars were definitely not lethargic or reserved on the penalty kill , but The Cap’n is right on the mark with his words . You can gain momentum off of a penalty kill , but Our Stars have not been able to post goals short-handed in the playoffs .
 Patrick Marleau seems to be able to own Turco on break-aways . Perhaps Our Stars should look into chaining him to the Sharks’ goal post like you might do to a guard dog . That or at least get him chained to one of those old tyme leg chains with the cannon ball on the end of it .
 With Stu Barnes out from a hit from Jonathan Cheechoo’s shoulder , I was sure that Our Stars would have difficulty on the penalty kill . I was wrong . They did not have difficulty killing penalties until Michalek scored the game winning goal in the third period . It was a shame that Our Stars lost , but they did have to give up one game out of politeness (I will call it that anyway) . It is going to be hard enough in the Pacific division next year but if you add in a sweep in the playoffs , it would make feelings even harder . Please do not misunderstand , I did not want Our Stars to lose , but everything has to have a little balance . Stephane Robidas was quoted as saying , ” You don’t want to give them life . We gave them momentum a little bit . The sooner we can close them out , it’ll be better for us .” Let us hope that Our Stars close them out in the Shark Tank on Friday .
  One win is enough for the Sharks in this series . I do not believe in too many gifts to your opponents . They have their token win and now it is time for Our Dallas Stars to finish them off once and for all .
 Our Stars will win this series , in that I have no doubt . They do have issues to address , but they know what they are doing and know what they need to fix . I am sure Coach Tippett will help them to remember what they need to do .
 I still BELIEVE . So should you .


~ by Adam on May 1, 2008.

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  2. go sharks!

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