Over-Confident Sharks Flounder At AAC

Before the loss from the second game in San Jose was two hours old , the Sharks were positive and confident about playing an away game at the American Airlines Center . They were confident in their locker room after their loss that they would come into Dallas and beat them up . They had believed that since they had been a great road team all season , they wrongly believed that Our Stars were a poor home team . Thus the over-confidence .
 The game started out very fast paced with lots of puck movement . The Sharks went on the powerplay after about three minutes , thanks to a highstick in Campbell’s face from Lehtinen . Thornton and Marleau combined for an attempt that was blown dead after the linesman lost sight of the puck . The Sharks coach , Ron Wilson , was still complaining about the whistle . He was quoted as saying “The puck’s laying in the crease , he put it in . It should be a goal . He (the ref) made a mistake.” Quality whining , Wilson . Stay in character and do not let us down out here , we never expect good sportsmanship from any teams in California . After that much talked about powerplay “no goal” Robidas committed a trip of his own . Our Stars struggled to clear the puck , but when they finally did , they received a short-handed attack led by Fistric. The game moved back along very swiftly withmany quick attacks by both teams . Mo took a shot on Nabokov that he could not control the rebound and Ott went sniffing around Nabokov for the rebound but was assaultedby both Goc and Vlasic for his efforts . A short time later after another play ended , Roenick showed his frustration by punching Robi in the shield . Smart Roenick , real smart , hit the one guy on the ice who has a full cage on his head . Joel Lundqvist had a great shot that hit the post , but after the play had ended there was enough pushing and shoving that Ott , Daley and Michalek all went to the box for roughing . The powerplay for the Sharks was a very sad excuse for one . When it ended Thornton crosschecked Ribeiro in the back right off the faceoff and he went to the box . Our Stars were getting set up in the Sharks’ zone for their first powerplay until Zubov turned over the puck to Marleau who raced it down to Turcoand planted it in the back of the net . With Our Stars down one to nothing , the period ended . This period was a very hard hitting one . Both teams came out with the intent to put the hits on the other players and they did . This period was also full of poor officiating . I understand letting the players play , but be even and fair on how things are called but then the entire game went like that – off balanced penalties that would be called for one team and not the other – go figure .
 The second period started with Our Stars on the powerplay for an additional thirty seconds that was promptly killed off by an icing call and the linesman . Our Stars started attacking hard and The Cap’n , Ribs and Lehtinen again owned the Sharks’ zone anytime they came over the boards . Not only did those three do well , but ALL of Our Stars’ forwards had great attacks in the first half of the period . After many times of being hemmed in their own zone , the Sharks finally manage to get a few attacks into Oiur Stars’ zone . This marks the beginning of the Sharks “one and out” attacking . They only manage to get 0one shot towards Turco and then the puck is cleared . It went like this for the remainder of the game . Semenov took a penalty for hooking late in the period to again allow a period to end and begin with Our Stars on the powerplay .
 The third period started with Our Stars on the powerplay for another minute and seven seconds . Ehrhoff took a hooking penalty almost immediately and gave Our Stars a five on three powerplay . It only took twelve seconds for Zubov to put the puck in the back of the net by deflecting it off a Sharks player . Zubov’s goal really seemed to wake Our Stars and work them into a frenzy . They started attacking harder and more consistently . The Cap’n gave Rivet a hard check that knocked him into Campbell who was dazed by the helmet to head from his teammate . Daley and Richards led a three on one attack that shamefully fizzled out . Hagman had a beautiful breakaway chance and was hooked down from behind giving Hagman a penalty shot . Hagman tried , but the ice was already so chewed up that he could not puck handle enough to get the job done . Our Stars were not discouraged by this and continued to attack the Sharks very hard . Even though Our Stars had lots of time in the Sharks’ zone , the Sharks would never give up the inside of the ice and did not allow many shots to get through . Our Stars were swarming the puck every time it came into their zone . Marty only had to deal with four shots at him in this period . With less than a minute left , I thought Lehtinen and Niskanen were going to end it all , but this game was headed to overtime .
Overtime started with most of the players sniffing smelling salts on the benches . I did not want overtime , they both play the next day at eight at night . Our Stars started attacking again just like they had been in the third period . Eriksson , Richards and Lunqvisthad a great attack . The Sharks came back with one of their own , but both goalies were playing the part of stone walls . After an icing call broght the puck back down in the Shaks’ zone , Tippett got fresh legs out there to keep the Sharks tired and stuck in their own zone . His plan worked . Norstrom scored when he riccoched the puck off of Roenick past Nabokov . I did notice on the scoresheet that they did not give the assist to Roenick and that is a shame ……..

 What Happened To The “Underdog” Dallas Stars ? ;
After taking it to the Ducks in the first round and now sitting on a three game lead over the Sharks , I hope people are starting to pay attention . Too many people wrote off Our Dallas Stars far earlier in the season . Now that Our Stars are winning , even the stupid Vs. network is forced to mention them and they hate talking about Western Conference teams . I am not saying that they know jack about them , because they do not even know any of our players’ names , but it is nice to have recognition ripped from someone who does not want to give it away .
 Whiner Roenick was quoted after the game as saying, “It’s amazing how we can’t get a bounce in this series .” Nabokov was quoted as saying ,” There’s no quitting in this room . All the games have been pretty close . It’s been little bounces here and there . …We have to regroup and forget these games .” Yeah Nabby , you regroup and forget these games and when you lose again , it will be fo the final time and since you had forgotten these games you will wonder forever how you made it out to the golf course .
 Our Stars have played very well . They all did their jobs .  Cap’n Morrow has done a fabulous job of making this team his . Razor said that he has really made this team his . I did not agree with when it became his , but I do agree that it is . He has been a top notch player all season and led by example .
 I truly believe that Our Stars have the ability to sweep the Sharks with a win in game four . I do not think it would be a good thing , though . Too much time off makes you soft and you lose your focus . Of course if the stupid Detroit Dead Things sweep the Avs (and that looks VERY likely) that time off would be nonexistent .
 In other news , Jeff Halpern was named as the US National Team’s Captain on the 28th . Check out the rest of the team and even live games at wcsn.com .
 My favorite thing about Our Dallas Stars winning this game was when , last night as I was putting my nine year old daughter to bed early because of TAKS testing today , I told her I would be happy to tell her that the Sharks lost in the morning (she is sadly a Sharks fan in a house full of Stars fans) . When Our Stars did , win I was ecstatic to be able to tell her that the Sharks did indeed lose . I told her she should have chosen a good team to like instead of the Sharks , but she never listens to me .  


~ by Adam on April 30, 2008.

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