“Shark Tank” Poisonous For San Jose Sharks

 The poor Sharks just cannot seem to survive in their own arena . Ironic isn’t it ? A shark tank full of fish floating belly up . They have struggled at home all season and those troubles have followed them to the playoffs thanks in no small part to a very well played game by Our Dallas Stars .
 Before the game , I was checking on when the game was going to start and what channel it was going to be broadcast on and happily discovered that Vs. was not my forced provider . Thankfully , Ralph Strangis and Daryl “Razor” Reaugh would be the commentators on my local channel of 27 . I was so happy I was not forced to suffer through another game filled with inane Vs. commentary . When Ralph and Razor said that Zubov was going to return , I was overcome with shock and joy so much that I temporarily speechless . That was remedied a very short time later when I told my wife that Zubov was coming back . She yelled “YAY!” for me .
 The game itself started off better for Our Stars than the last first period . The Sharks were not allowed free entry into the Stars zone right off the opening faceoff . Grossman took a holding the stick penalty about three minutes in and the resulting powerplay was effectively killed off . When that one ended , Turco gave them a second powerplay with an interference call . Turco made good on his part of the penalty kill when Roenick tested him and he made another fabulous save immediately after that . Lundqvist’s (who was serving Turco’s penalty) quick exit from the box helped Cap’n Morrow to have a decent attack on Nabokov . Goc and Lundqvist had a disagreement and their shoving match earned them both roughing minors . The four on four play had the Sharks attacking when Zubov took a hooking penalty and Turco was tested immediately on the resulting four on three . The dangerous four on three play ended scoreless thanks to an incredible effort by Our Stars . The shortened powerplay for the Sharks did not end as positive for Our Stars , though . Rivet took a hard shot that Pavelski deflected right in front of Turco , who never had a chance to stop the redirect . The Sharks were bolstered by the goal and again attacked imediately . Modano , Ott and Barnes had a huge attack with Zubov’s and Norstrom’s help but they could not beat Nabokov . Richards , Eriksson and Hagman followed up with an attack in which Eriksson missed the net by mere inches . The Cap’n , Ribeiro , Lehtinen and Norstrom followed up that attack with a great attack of their own and Ribs bounced one in the net off Nabokov’s skate from behind the goal line . The Cap’n , Ribs and Lehtinen finish their shift with yet another attack that ends with Nabokov lying flat on his back and The Cap’n sniffing around for rebounds (and he actually patted Nabokov on his chest to make sure he was alright after the play) . This period was far better than the last first period that the teams played in game one . Even with Our Stars giving up the first goal , they came out to play much harder than they did in the first game .
 The second period started out with mostly neutral zone play . Niether side could get past their opponent’s blue line for long . Both teams had a large amount of turnovers , both forced and unforced . Stu and Turco combined to save a goal that truly frightened me . Our Stars attacked back with good attacks and solid play . Lundqvist took an interference call but that powerplay was beautifully killed off . Zubov almost scored , but the foot race back to Turco from the rebound off Nabokov was lost by Our Stars . When Turco missed with a poke check , Michalek scored on what was essentially an empty net goal . Our Stars attacked back hard and on their second attack , Mo banged a shot off the goal post so hard that it shook the net on its moorings and shook the goal camera fiercely . On the bench immediately following the shot , he was cussing himself and shaking his head . The period ended with the score two to one , Sharks . It was not a bad period , despite the goal that the Sharks scored . Our Stars played well and had more time in the offensive zone .  Steve Ott and Robidas were the best penalty killing players in both of periods one and two .
 The third started with a turnover to Richards from a falling Pavelski . Richards buried the puck in the back of the net behind Nabokov after a mere thirty-two seconds had passed in the period . Later , Sharks coach Ron Wilson would call this goal a “lucky break” . It did not make it count any less and Our Stars had a tie game on their hands . Mo took a tripping penalty even though Mo only touched the guy after he had already started his rapid descent to the ice of his own accord and was in no way helped to the ice by Mo . Ott had a great one man attack that drew a holding penalty from Ehrhoff for yet another four on four (even though it was a weak holding call , I guess the refs felt bad for making such a piss-poor tripping call) . The four on four had both teams exchanging attacks , but as soon as Our Stars went on the powerplay , Zubov made a great spinning pass and Mo made up for the shot that hit the pipe earlier when he buried the puck in the net . Rivet took an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and when he arrived in the box , he started throwing things and cursing , proving that he deserved his penalty . The resulting powerplay had The Cap’n , Ribs , Lehtinen , Richards and Zubov with good attacks but no goals . A little while later , Richards raced into the Sharks zone and as he was fading behind the net , he made a pass right to Hagman who pounded the puck quickly past Nabokov . The Sharks attempted to mount some semblance of an attack , but all they could manage to get was a few weak attacks that never tested Turco . Nabokov went out of the game for an artificial timeout for the Sharks and Brian Boucher stood in net for a few moments until he skated off after thirty-seven seconds for the extra attacker . Richards spotted Hagman uncovered at the point and he put the final nail in the coffin of this game and destroyed all hope for the Sharks with his empty net goal . Despite knowing they had lost the game , the Sharks did not give up and kept attacking Our Stars . The game ended with Murray in the box for roughing and the score five to two for Our Stars .

Stars Lead Series Two Games To None ;

 This game started very well for Our Stars . They came out ready to play right from the start completely unlike the last game . Our Dallas Stars earned this win with their hard work . Every player went out on the ice and they did their own individual jobs and they again succeded . When they do that , they fill every part of their team and make the team whole . Hockey is a team sport and Our Stars have become a very well oiled machine and a winning team .
 Again , Marty Turco played a very good game and was rewarded from Daley with a kiss on his facemask . An odd tradition to be sure , but whatever . Turco played fabulous and earned his third star of the game .
 Brad Richards played a huge game . Three assists and one goal is certainly nothing to sneeze at . Perhaps if he has one more game like that , my bitterness about losing Halpern , Jokinen and Smitty may be completely gone . Then again , I probably will not be satisfied until Our Stars hoist The Cup at the AAC .
 Stephane Robidas played very well . He made huge defensive plays (like he always does) and a few of them without his stick . I am very happy that he is finally getting the recognition he so rightly deserves .
 The Cap’n , Ribs and Lehtinen owned the Sharks every time they came across the boards . They completely dominated gameplay from the first time they touched the puck on every shift . The Sharks have given Ribs lots of time with the puck in their zone . If they want to beat Our Stars , they cannot allow that . Cap’n Morrow has been a driving force on that line and a real on-ice role model for the rest of the team to follow . Lehtinen’s fine defensive work and ability to steal pucks has balanced the line very well . It has been a few too many games since his name was on the scoreboard . I think he is due for a goal , and soon .
 Despite the fact that Zubov played only sixteen minutes (believe it or not sixteen minutes is low for a guy who usually plays for thirty plus minutes a game) , he played very well for his first game back . I am very glad he came back when he did . Our Stars have proven they can win without him , but why suffer when you can benefit from somebody that skilled back in your line up ?
 In other playoff news , I still think the Flyers need to lose and be home golfing or beating up people inth estreets like other bullies do instead of playing hockey . They do not deserve to be where they are now , the Capitals do . Stupid Flyers . I wish the stupid Penguins would hurry up and lose as well . I do not think their band wagon has room for any more band wagon-riders . Sadly , at the begining of last season , you could not PAY anybody to TAKE tickets to a Pens game and now you have to sell you home and anything else that is not bolted down (and some things that are) for BAD seats to any of their games . Now that is a full band-wagon . Oh , and I think their “white-out” is exceptionally stupid . Go buy a bottle of the stuff , put it over the Pens’ score and call it good . Then , take Crosby out in the sunshine , that kid is too pale to ever be called normal looking .   


~ by Adam on April 28, 2008.

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