Mauled Stars Manage To Win In Overtime

The game was nowhere near as dominating by Our Dallas Stars as round one’s game one was . In fact , if anything , I would say that the Sharks dominated the game , just not the scoreboard .
 The game started with the Sharks on the attack almost from the word go . Turco answered all of the shots that came his way and kept the game moving forward in the early attacks but Nabokov’s first faced shot , he held for the whistle . Stu Barnes took a weak hooking call , but Rivet ended that when he put his ass in Turco’s face . The resulting four on four hockey was relatively uneventful . The commentators on Vs. proved that they are stupid whiners when they complained about Ott chopping a Sharks player that went uncalled . News flash Vs. commentators , you are supposed to be impartial to both teams on a national broadcast and not so obviously one-sided . The Sharks attacked hard and Norstrom went to the box for hooking . The Sharks attacked very hard on the powerplay but they could not beat Turco no matter how often they tested him . Our Dallas Stars did have a powerplay , but it was so weak it really does not warrant mentioning .
 The second period started with both teams attacking in turn . Turco got the first stop but when he relaxed the puck dropped out and slid into the net . Other goalies would have had the whistle by the time Turco dropped it out of his equipment . They gererously credited Michalek with the goal . Setoguchi took a hooking call in the play immediately after the goal and on the first shift of the powerplay , Modano buries the puck past Nabokov to even the score at one a piece . Vs. network continues their stupidity and shows replays over the game that is actually going on so that the home audience gets to miss part of the game . When they finish their stupidity and the game comes back , Our Stars are attacking and begining to generate some momentum . Ribeiro , Morrow and Lehtinen started a great attack and The Cap’n makes it happen when he scores from his “office” in front of the net . The Sharks attack back immediatley after the goal but to no avail . Turco stood tall and took it all away from the Sharks . “Soft” passing by Our Dallas Stars seemed to plague them for turnovers or at least broken plays . Grier was called for an elbow , but Our Stars powerplay was weak at best . Both teams then exchange weak attacks until Robi was called for hooking . With one minute remaining on the Sharks’ powerplay the period ended .
 The third period started with one more minute left on the Sharks’ powerplay . It was effectively killed off by Our Stars . At about the sixteen minute mark , Mo took a hooking call for another Sharks’ powerplay . As soon as it started , Robidas was tripped and the stupid commentators said that it was “a good no call” . Idiots prove their stupidity repeatedly . Despite the stupidity off the ice , Our Stars were smart on the ice and only allowed shots from the perimiter on the powerplay despite lots of the zone time . After the powerplay ended , the Sharks kept up their attacks . Our Dallas Stars started to manage to get brief attacks during the Sharks incessant attacks . After Ribs , The Cap’n and Lehtinen attacked , Miettinen , Petersen and Hagman attacked as well . After Lundqvist , Richards and Eriksson attacked , things broke down and Cheechoo scored when he is practically standing on top of Turco when he forces the puck past him from two inches away . I did not like this goal . It was ugly and I thought it was garbage to allow it since it looked like Tuco was mauled in his own crease with the four other Sharks players in there with him . Our Stars got a powerplay courtesey of Campbell’s interference on Mo and Lehtinen had a huge chance to win the game , but he hit the post in his haste to put it on net . There was fighting for the puck and attempts to score right down to the final seconds . This game was destined for overtime .
 Overtime was fast paced and short . After only four minutes of back and forth attacking by both teams , Our Stars managed to wrest away the upper hand . They charged into the Sharks zone and made some great passes that got the Sharks scrambling and Nabokov out of position . Robi’s quick circle around back behind the net helped to insure Nobokov’s panic . Robi passed the puck off to Norstrom , who in turn passed it to an open Cap’n Morrow and he did not waste any time buring it past Nabokov in the net .

 Round two , game one ;

 The Sharks may have just mauled Our Stars , but Our Stars looked like they brushed aside most of the damage . Our Dallas Stars were certainly outshot , but the shots that counted were the ones on the scoreboard .
 I was less than pleased with Our Stars’ gameplay despite the win . They looked slow and like they were not ready to play . Tippett agreed with my thought because he said that the team needed to do better . He said that he would take the win , but that his team needed to work harder . Our Stars looked like they had taken more than a few days off . Only Turco , Robidas and Morrow looked as sharp as they always do .
 This game reminded me of how much I hate the Vs. Network . First , the commentators do not know how to pronounce our players’ names . Then , they called the line of Petersen , Miettinen and Hagman “the Forgien Line” . WHATEVER ! Petersen is from Mineapolis Minnesota ! Idiots ! They also called Turco lucky on several occasions implying that he was not really a great goaltender , merely one whom the hockey gods had granted him their luck for the game . They also said that Turco handled the puck in the trapezoid that it is illegal for goalies to handle the puck in . I wished (hard) at that point there was not a ten second delay from radio to television , so I could listen to WBAP 820 am’s braodcast of the game , instead of hearing the idiots on the Vs. network . Every time I am forced to watch a game in the Vs. network , I am reminded (painfully) of how stupid and foolish the men that they hire are . I hope a network with some brains picks up the playoffs next season . I hate Vs.


~ by Adam on April 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Mauled Stars Manage To Win In Overtime”

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  2. You are not alone in your dislike for Versus. In the first place the playoffs should be made available to everyone, not just the few that have that particular station. Second the broadcast always seems filled with technical problems with the picture and the audio. Third, I just don’t like the commentators and I don’t care what they think or what their opinion is. All I want is for them to call the game without sideline comments about how great the Wings are and how surprising it is that the Stars have come this far. Wake up boys, this team has a lot of talent and heart. They may not always do things by the textbook but as long as they are winning who cares. We just may have to change the textbook. Granted they will have to step it up a lot because neither the Sharks or the Wings will let them just get by for very long. So, let’s get the lead out boys, get some pep in your step and GIT ‘ER DONE!!!!! GO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I TOTALLY agree with your reasoning behind your dislike of the vs. network . I had no idea that anybody else experienced the technical difficulties I did . And as far as the comentators go , they do not know jack about any Western Conference teams , worse yet all they like to talk about when anybody mentions the Penguins is how great Sidney Crosby is . If there was not a pledge of allegance to the US flag , I know those vs. announcers would have written one for Sidney Crosby . Sad thing is that before I started watching the vs. network this season , I used to like Crosby .

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